Arts and Business

Arts and Business

Want to know more about why arts are good for business and business is good for the arts?  Are you looking for new ways to build successful arts and business partnerships or how to advance support for the arts in Boulder?  Check out this list of great resources.

Americans for the Arts: Partnership Movement
The pARTnership Movement is an initiative from Americans for the Arts to reach business leaders with the message that partnering with the arts can build their competitive advantage. Americans for the Arts is the nation’s leading nonprofit organization for advancing the arts, and its website boasts a bevy of ideas for beginning collaborations with businesses and real stories of successful partnerships. The toolkit for arts organizations is recommended reading for all arts and other nonprofits looking to build partnerships with the local business community.

Americans for the Arts: ARTSblog/private sector
ARTSblog posts some of the best new thinking about why arts matter, why the private sector has a strong stake in supporting the arts, and how arts and businesses are working together in creative ways to mutual benefit.

ArtsJournal is a digest of some of the best arts and cultural journalism in the English-speaking world. Each day ArtsJournal features links to stories culled from more than 200 English-language newspapers, magazines and publications featuring writing about arts and culture.

Colorado Creative Industries
Colorado Creative Industries seeks to capitalize on the immense potential for Colorado’s creative sector to drive economic growth in the state. This organization provides resources and technical assistance to help creative entrepreneurs and enterprises flourish.

Arts and Government

Community Cultural Plan: What is Boulder’s vision for Boulder’s arts, culture and the creative sector in the next nine years? The City of Boulder Office of Arts & Cultural Services has launched a Community Cultural Plan (CCP) to develop a community-wide framework for supporting Boulder’s creative potential. Help shape the future of Boulder! Sign up to learn more.

City of Boulder 2014 Ballot: 2A Community, Culture and Safety Sales/Use Tax. Recently passed, this tax will raise approximately $27 MM for cultural enhancements on University Hill, lighting and improvements to the Boulder Creek Path, projects associated with the Civic Area Master Plan, sidewalks and lighting for Chautauqua, public art ($600,000), as well as capital investments in the Dairy Center for the Arts ($3.8 million) and the new Museum of Boulder (up to $4.0 million). Within one month of its passage, 2A galvanized additional investment of $500,000 in the Museum from the National Endowment of the Arts and $1 million from a single private donor in The Dairy. This is believed to be the largest single private donation to an arts and cultural organization in the City’s history.

Municipal Arts Spending Comparisons: The City of Boulder’s support for Arts & Cultural programming has significantly lagged that of nearby communities. Click this Municipal Arts Culture Spending Comparisons chart to see comparative spending data for the City of Boulder, Fort Collins, Loveland, Longmont, Lafayette and Louisville


8 Ways to Partner with the Arts, and 8 Ways Companies Across the Country Have Done It. This blog highlights successful business and arts partnerships in other communities and could spark ideas for your business. If you have a successful business and arts partnership in place already, please contact Deborah Malden, Arts Liaison & Advisor at the Boulder Chamber. We want to share your success with others in the community and around the country!

Top 10 Reasons to Support the Arts in 2014: Here are just a few of the reasons noted in this great article: 1. Arts promote true prosperity, 2. Arts improve academic performance, 3. Arts strengthen the economy, 4. Arts are good for local merchants, 4. Arts spark creativity and innovation….Read the whole blog to learn more and find links to a wealth of additional resources that bolster the case for support for the arts.

The Private Sector’s Secret Weapon: The Conference Board’s 2013 CEO Challenge Report outlined five top global challenges identified by CEOs: Human Capital, Operational Excellence, Innovation, Customer Relationships, and Global Political Economic Risk. The Private Sector’s Secret Weapon, by Robert Lynch, CEO of Americans for the Arts, makes the case that as companies seek new ways to build their competitive advantage, they are increasingly finding that the arts are the key to driving true innovation, ultimately reaching their business goals.

Small Business Rocks: The writer ponders the connection between entrepreneurship and philanthropy after reading a new report that shows “82% of corporate support for the arts comes from businesses with less that $50 million in revenue. Even more startling is that 47% of that support comes from corporations with less than $1 million in revenue. Perhaps it’s wishful thinking on my part, but this focus by small business on local markets seems to underscore the affinity that already exists between the arts and entrepreneurship…”


CBCA Economic Activity Study of Arts & Culture in Metro-Denver:  Denver metro area nonprofit arts, cultural and scientific organizations generated $1.85 billion in Total Economic Activity, according to this study conducted by the Colorado Business Committee for the Arts (CBCA).  The study results, drawn from the 2013 calendar year, reflect data reported by nearly 300 nonprofit organizations in the seven-county area (including Boulder County) that received distributions from the Scientific and Cultural Facilities District (SCFD).

Arts & Economic Prosperity Study IV – 2010 Data (City of Boulder): This research was part of the most recent national study by Americans for the Arts and demonstrates that the nonprofit arts and culture sector is an important economic driver and contributed over $20 million of economic impact in the City of Boulder. This is almost twice Boulder’s peer group median nationally. The next national study will be conducted in 2015.

Creative Industries Report 2014 for Boulder County is part of the first national study that encompasses both the nonprofit and for profit arts-centric businesses (or ‘Creative Industries”) that range from nonprofit museums, symphonies, and theaters to for-profit film, architecture and advertising companies. The reports for Boulder County, State of Colorado and US can be downloaded through Creative Industries, another program of Americans for the Arts.

The Arts Ripple Effect: A Research-Based Strategy to Build Shared Responsibility for the Arts. The arts thrive best with broad public support, but for that to happen people have to see the arts as more than just individual expressions and performances to be consumed. This year-long research initiative revealed powerful insights into what people value about the arts and showed that broad public support for the arts can best be achieved by directing attention to the ripple effects of the arts throughout a community – making places more vibrant, more attractive, and more economically and socially vigorous. This is a must read for anyone seeking to build support for the arts in Boulder.