Boulder Economic Council

The Boulder Economic Council (BEC), the economic development arm of the Boulder Chamber, is a public/private partnership of prominent business and community leaders committed to Boulder and its economic well-being.  The BEC plays a leading role in promoting economic vitality, creating a sustainable business environment, supporting the expansion of business in Boulder, and promoting Boulder’s economic sustainability through:

  • Retaining and attracting primary employers that fuel our economy and support our community by bringing in revenue from outside the market and creating high-paying jobs;
  • Working with Boulder’s home-grown businesses that helped create the character of the community;
  • Supporting organizations that provide entrepreneurs with training, networking, mentoring and access to funding sources;
  • Creating a unified voice for a strong local economy;
  • Conducting research and providing information and other support for local businesses and companies interest in relocation; and
  • Participating in regional and statewide economic initiatives.

Visit the Boulder Economic Council website for more information on BEC membership, economic research and Boulder’s economic vitality.