Eye on the Ballot 2016

2016 Boulder Chamber Positions and Ballot Results

In September, the Boulder Chamber announced its positions on the following ballot issues. The 2016 Election has come to a close and the results are in. The table below summarizes the positions the Chamber took and the results at the polls. If you have any questions on our positions or on the outcomes of these ballot issues, please contact Boulder Chamber Director of Public Affairs, Andrea Meneghel at (303) 938-2077 or andrea.meneghel@boulderchamber.com.



The Boulder Chamber’s 2016 ballot stances reflect the work of our Community Affairs Council and our Board of Directors to address issues important to Boulder’s economic vitality with an eye to balancing them with the environmental and social values our community embraces.

 2016 Ballot Positions & Issues

Click here or on image to see full statements for each of our 2016 Ballot Positions.




Click here to see full statements for each of our 2016 Ballot Positions.

All Boulder Chamber ballot issue positions are based on review and recommendations by the Chamber’s Community Affairs Council with further review and final adoption by the Boulder Chamber Board of Directors.