Bolder Young Pro to Know: Jenn Tatro

Jenn Tatro, Card Catalog

Jenn Tatro

Jenn Tatro was born in Augusta, Kansas, and began singing when she was five. Under the guidance of her mother, she began performing live in pageants. She then began taking singing and guitar lessons in Kansas. After moving to Boulder in 2005, she paired up with Lee Johnson, a singer songwriter in the Foothills area. From there, she began co-writing songs with him and then branched out on her own. She started writing her own songs and formed a band by the name of Card Catalog. On a whim, they decided to enter into the Boulder Chamber Battle of the Industry Bands at eTown, where they won first place last year.

You’ll find her currently winding down a tour with her band, and they are very excited to get back into the studio to finish recording their first album. It will have all of their original tunes (on it), tracked to tape, at World Famous Studio in Colorado.

Jenn will return as a judge for this year’s Battle of the Industry Bands on September 26.

Why is being in a band awesome?

We Get to create. We are a family. We work towards a common goal. We get to hang out with each other. We just love each other! It’s a pleasure to make music with those you love, have fun and get along with.


Softball, going to shows, hanging with friends and family, biking

Favorite beer? 

Ellie’s Brown by Avery in Boulder, Colorado and Girlfriend by Central Standard Brewing in Wichita, Kansas.

What’s the first song on your pump up playlist?

Immigrant Song Led Zeppelin

You have a time machine that’ll take you to any year, present or future. Where do you go?

Straight to the 70’s to hit up some Fleetwood Mac and Led Zeppelin concerts

Favorite happy hour spot in Boulder: 

The Med

One place in Colorado everyone should visit:

Big fan of all the hot springs in Colorado… Strawberry Hot Springs

Favorite movie:

Nacho Libre

What is the best gift you have ever received?

Studio session time.

If you were 80 years old, what advice would you give your children?

Don’t worry about being perfect.

If there was a movie made about your life, who would play you and why?

Maybe Christina Applegate cuz I think she’s hilarious.

What is the most important lesson you’ve learned in life?

Not to take life so seriously, relax and enjoy the ride.


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