Networking Tips: Authenticity and Inspiration

Networking can be awkward for everyone - yes, even for your Member Relations social butterflies, Cate and Scott! For that reason, we will offer basic networking tips every month to help you prepare for events, quell your anxieties, and learn to make the most of any networking opportunity.

Remember, it’s all about building community and making connections that inspire deeper conversations!

Inspiration and Passion

Share your passions - it allows for easier connections. Sharing your enthusiasm is contagious and brightens the room.


Be yourself and share your story with other members. Avoid the sales pitch. A genuine dialogue is appreciated more than something generic and rehearsed. People can sense when you’re simply speaking with them to swap cards. We are here to support the growth and development of all member business endeavors.

Remember, we are here to build community through business; after all, a new running buddy, future employee, or potential business partner can be as valuable as a lead!

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Of course, these tips don't mean much unless you already know the basics of networking. Here's a recap of last month's fundamental networking tips:

  1. Be prepared to talk about why you chose to attend the event. Asking others and knowing your own answer is a great conversation-starter and ultimately guides your networking experience. Write it down on the back of one of your own business cards before each event and keep it in your pocket as a handy reminder (speaking of business cards — bring yours!).
  2. Arrive on time, if not a little early. There are typically fewer people at the very beginning of an event, making it easier to connect in a low-pressure setting.
  3. Introduce yourself to the event organizers, hosts and speakers, if possible. While they may not have a lot of time to chat, they can be great resources to help you meet other attendees.
  4. Don’t expect immediate business referrals — allow relationships to develop naturally over time.

Time to prepare for the next event! Click here for the rest of the Networking Tips series, and click here to see a calendar of upcoming Boulder Chamber networking events.

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