Skillful Series Helps Local Employers with Talent Acquisition, Onboarding, Retention


Skillful training at the Boulder Chamber

It's common knowledge that we're in a tight labor market. Thoughtful talent acquisition, onboarding, and employee retention tactics that are focused on identifying, nurturing and expanding an employee's skillset are more critical now than ever before. This is particularly true in Boulder, where the available jobs-to-people ratio is especially high.

That's where we come in. In an effort to help our member businesses attract and retain the talent they need, Skillful Colorado and the Boulder Chamber have teamed up to provide a series of informational trainings that empower local employers to rethink their strategies in the areas of hiring, training, and employee retention to keep up with a highly competitive labor market. Companies that have gone through the series have reported that minor changes in processes and internal thinking have led to increases in the funnel of applicants at the start of the process to allow for a larger, more diverse candidate pool.

And while the Skillful series does offer professional development credits for those in Human Resources, the trainings are also geared towards anyone involved with employee training and management. After all, you can attract and hire all kinds of great talent, but it's your ongoing investment in your team's growth and development that motivates them to stay with your organization.

It's a tough labor market out there, folks - ensure your organization can weather the storm by learning the hiring and training strategies that will help you thrive.

Our next Skillful series begins February 12, 2020. Click here to read more about the specific topics we will cover, and then join us on February 19 for the second part of the training.

Click here to read how the Boulder Chamber has been recognized by Skillful Colorado as a state leader in workforce development.

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