Networking Tips: Feel Like an Insider with the "Odd-Number Rule"

Networking can be awkward for everyone - yes, even for your Member Relations social butterflies, Cate and Scott! For that reason, we will offer basic networking tips every month to help you prepare for events, quell your anxieties, and learn to make the most of any networking opportunity.

Remember, it's all about building community and making connections that inspire deeper conversations!

That first glance at a crowded room when walking into a networking event can be nerve-wracking, to say the least. Small groups have already formed and conversations are in full swing - how do you overcome the feeling of being an "outsider" and seamlessly join a group without making things awkward?

Member Relations Specialist Cate Cook offers her favorite tip when entering a networking event: Scan the room for odd-numbered groups of people and join one of those first. Joining a group with an odd-numbered group of people is easier because the group can then naturally divide into equal subgroups, sparking new conversations and keeping the discussion flowing.

So instead of walking into a room and feeling like an outsider, walk in and scan the room to find the nearest odd-numbered group - this is a sure way to up your confidence and feel like an insider.

So you've joined a group - what's next? Click here for our best practices on engaging fellow networkers in meaningful conversation!

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