Boulder Chamber Issues City Council Candidate Scorecard

First step in new “Sensible Boulder” campaign summarizes candidate positions on key issues facing Boulder in advance of upcoming Nov. 5 election

The Boulder Chamber has released its highly anticipated Candidate Scorecard to summarize candidate positions on significant housing, regulatory and transportation issues facing Boulder citizens in advance of the 2019 City Council election this Nov. 5.

The Candidate Scorecard details responses from all 15 Council candidates on a host of issues that urgently impact Boulder, including housing Boulder’s workforce and senior citizens, zoning and regulations, support for Boulder’s small businesses and more. The scorecard is available at

As a matter of policy, the Boulder Chamber does not endorse candidates. Instead, the Candidate Scorecard is presented so that citizens can understand each candidate’s—and the Chamber’s—position on the myriad of important issues currently facing Boulder.

“We take our mission statement — ‘we build community through business’ —very seriously, and support policies and programs that strengthen our economy, in balance with protection of our community’s other important social and environmental values,” said John Tayer, president and CEO of the Boulder Chamber. “We are making this scorecard available so members of our community can easily determine each candidate’s stand on important issues and vote for those who best align with their own values and goals for Boulder’s future,” he added.

The Candidate Scorecard is part of Sensible Boulder, a new educational campaign developed by the Chamber to keep Boulder on the path of remaining a vibrant, economically and socially diverse, community. Sensible Boulder is aimed at promoting solutions to a trifecta of mounting community challenges: a stark shortage of housing opportunities across different income levels, traffic congestion and workforce development needs. The Chamber began a community-wide program to study these issues and propose solutions with the “Boulder Together” program, an ongoing effort that began in 2017.

“The Boulder Chamber is committed to the vision that Boulder is a place for everyone who wants to build a life, pursue a career, raise a family and play a role in our community. We are pleased to make this information available to our Boulder neighbors,” Tayer said.

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