Boulder & Broomfield County Chamber Leaders Unite in Support of Proposition CC

Ballot measure will address severe backlogs in statewide funding for education and transportation

Leading the Boulder, Broomfield and Longmont Area Chambers of Commerce, John Tayer, Sam Taylor and Scott Cook announced their unified support for Proposition CC and the opportunity it creates to meet funding priorities for regional transportation, K-12 public schools and higher education.

Proposition CC asks Colorado voters to remove the arbitrary revenue limits that have severely restricted the state’s ability to address the needs of our growing state without raising taxes. Proposition CC would allow Colorado to use the tax revenue it already collects—an estimated $300 million annually—and apply that money equally among transportation, K-12 education and higher education.

“We strongly support passage of Proposition CC because it will address funding shortfalls in education and transportation,” said John Tayer, President and CEO of the Boulder Chamber. “We need additional investments to help improve mobility and advance education opportunities across the northwest region.”

“Colorado has a $9 billion transportation backlog for urgently needed repairs to our roads and this critical priority is being stifled by TABOR limits of what we can reinvest,” said Sam Taylor, president and CEO of the Broomfield Chamber of Commerce. “Approval of Proposition CC would bring more funding to our local communities, and we encourage our businesses to support this important measure.”

“Proposition CC simply asks Colorado voters for the ability to retain revenues to be invested into our students and for improving our transportation systems,” said Scott Cook, President and CEO of the Longmont Area Chamber of Commerce. “This is an opportunity to make investments that have statewide benefits.”

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