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What: Food drive focusing on heart-healthy foods to benefit the Boulder Shelter for the Homeless

When & Where: The Boulder Chamber will collect donations at the Chamber Center and Convention and Visitors Bureau from February 24-28 during business hours. 2440 Pearl St., Boulder, CO 80302; Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m. Donations will be dropped off at the shelter on February 29.

Heart-healthy food items like quinoa, oats, Cheerios, olive oil, brown rice, and beans are encouraged! We are unable to accept fresh produce during this food drive, but encourage you to visit the Boulder Shelter for the Homeless website to find out how to donate fresh items.

So, what is Leap of Kindness Day?

Every four years, Leap Day presents a unique opportunity to consider how we would use an extra day if we had one. This year, the Boulder Chamber is elated to use the extra day to give back to our community through participating in the second national Leap of Kindness Day on February 29. In concert with our fellow Northwest Chamber Alliance members in Lafayette, Louisville and Superior, we will hold a food drive in recognition of the ongoing food insecurity issues that affect our beloved communities.

“What will you do with the extra day we all get this Leap Year?”

The Saratoga, NY Chamber of Commerce initiated the first Leap of Kindness Day in 2016 by asking this very question. In the spirit of mobilizing the power of the business community to do good, their goal was to inspire fellow chambers of commerce across the country to utilize Leap Day to create positive impact. And in 2020, we’ve decided to answer the call by giving back to the very communities that support us day in and day out.

Addressing the needs of the Boulder Valley region

So out of all of the ways we can serve our communities, why did we choose to organize a food drive? After the holidays, food banks can tend to experience a slowdown in donations during the spring season that tends to last through the summer. Food insecurity, however, is not a seasonal event. In an effort to support the thousands of Boulder Valley residents who experience food insecurity throughout the year, our intention this February is to keep food insecurity issues top of mind - beyond the holiday season.

A ripple effect across the nation

The first Leap of Kindness Day in 2016 saw over 50 chambers in 30 states participate in the initiative. This year, the goal is for over 100 chambers across the country to dedicate February 29 to acts of service in their communities.

As T.J. Sullivan, Executive Director of the Superior Chamber of Commerce and coordinator of the Northwest Chamber Alliance Leap of Kindness Day efforts, notes, “As chambers of commerce, our communities feed us. This is a chance for us to return the favor.”

Our goal this February 29 is to unite with our fellow chambers of commerce here in Colorado and across the nation to amplify the power of community service. We hope you’ll join us in the effort.

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