Boulder Chamber and city to relight Boulder Star as a symbol of caring and unity

The Boulder Chamber, in partnership with the City of Boulder, will illuminate the Boulder Star on Flagstaff Mountain today, March 23, 2020, as a symbol of our community’s unity and caring in confronting COVID-19 and its impacts on the Boulder community.

While traditionally lit during the holiday season, the Boulder Chamber recognizes the Boulder Star’s power to help foster community resilience amid the COVID-19 response. This sentiment has been reinforced by the outreach of many community members who shared their desire to experience the Boulder Star’s shining light and “raise the hopes of our beloved community.”

The Boulder Chamber and the City of Boulder anticipate keeping the Boulder Star illuminated until community members can return to their normal daily activities.

“The Boulder Chamber is proud of its role as the steward of this historic community treasure and thankful for support from the City of Boulder in making this special lighting possible as we stand strong and unified against the public health and economic threats of COVID-19,” said John Tayer, Boulder Chamber President and CEO. “We also thank Craig Reynolds, AKA ‘The Star Man’ from Lord & Reynolds Electrical Services, for his services in being the Boulder Star maintainer for this special lighting.”

“We are so pleased that our partners at the Boulder Chamber have stepped up to relight the star on Flagstaff,” said Boulder Mayor Sam Weaver. “At this moment when so many are looking for reassurance and hope, the light of the star will remind us of all of those who are working to serve and protect our community. This is a time when we all need to bond in support of our common needs, and the light of the star is an emblem of that commitment.”

The City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks (OSMP) Department also recognizes the high value community members place on the Boulder Star. However, to help minimize gatherings and to encourage safe behavior amid COVID-19, the city will close the open space area around the Boulder Star. The city highly encourages residents to view the star from afar as parking will only be available from dusk to dawn at Panorama Point while the parking lot at the Halfway House will be closed.

Visitors entering the Boulder Star closure area can face up to a $1,000 fine or 90 days in jail. A City of Boulder emergency order also currently prohibits any person from organizing, promoting or staging an event or gathering of groups of 10 or more on publicly owned areas, including city open space lands. OSMP encourages people to visit for continuous open space-related COVID-19 updates.

The Boulder Star was turned off for the season on May 31, 2020. Read more

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1 thought on “Boulder Chamber and city to relight Boulder Star as a symbol of caring and unity”

  1. Richard A Young

    Please leave the star lit for 10 weeks or months not just 10 days after the murders at King Soopers. Boulder needs more time to heal.
    Thank you
    Richard Young

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