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New marketing tools for Boulder Chamber members during COVID-19

Do you have special promotions, new takeout offerings, or adjusted business hours? Do you need volunteers, or are you offering an online class? Let's  get the word out about what’s going on with your business!

To amplify your marketing efforts during these difficult times, we have revamped the Hot Deals feature in the Boulder Chamber Member Information Center. Now, items posted to the Hot Deals module are populated directly to the top of the COVID-19 business and community resources page on our website. With over 5500 unique visitors to our website each month, you can get more eyes on your business’s offerings.

Screenshot (244)

Additionally, once a Hot Deal post is approved, it automatically posts to our Twitter feed for our 13,100 followers.

Screenshot (239)

Over the next few weeks, we’ll also randomly select a few Hot Deals to highlight on social media and in our newsletters for additional coverage.

Want to get started? Here's how:

(Already know how to post a Hot Deal? Click here to log in.)

1. Go to boulderchamber.com and select “Log In.”

Screenshot (246)

2. Enter your login information on the following screen to access the Member Information Center.

Screenshot (247)

3. Once you’re in the Member Information Center, select the Hot Deals option on the left menu.

Screenshot (248)

4. Select “Add Hot Deal” on the following screen.

Screenshot (249)

5. Enter the information you want published.

Screenshot (235)

6. Once your information is entered, click “Submit for Approval.”

Screenshot (250)

After you submit your post, it will be reviewed by our team. Once approved, the post will sync with our website and our Twitter feed.

For more information on Hot Deals and other tools you can use as a Boulder Chamber member to help boost brand visibility and SEO for your business, please contact us at membership@boulderchamber.com.

These tools are currently only available to Boulder Chamber members. To learn about the benefits a Boulder Chamber membership provides to your business, contact us at membership@boulderchamber.com or view a quick summary.

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