Boulder Chamber Joins Those Calling for Justice, Reform

There are many more eloquent who have condemned the death of Black people at the hands of law enforcement officials in acts that exhibit racist tendencies. Still, the Boulder Chamber raises its voice in solidarity with the fight for justice and the cause of those who demand reform.

We also acknowledge the dark underbelly of our country’s history of racism that tenaciously rips at our social fabric. We’ve made important strides as a community and nation toward addressing injustice, but incidents of unwarranted and horrible violence, racist slurs, or evidence of pernicious micro-aggressions that people of color suffer, even in our community, remind us that we have far to go.

As leaders in the business community, the Boulder Chamber condemns these terrible acts. We abhor that anyone should suffer the sting of mistreatment or prejudice based merely on the color of skin. We also recognize that everyone, including ourselves, must confront our own subconscious judgment that contributes to cultural divisions.

The Boulder Chamber commits to working within our organization to do better. That includes programming that addresses racism in our community and recruits our businesses in that cause. We have taken action, including cultural sensitivity training, hiring practices that are designed to reduce cultural bias, and increased diversity on our governing board. We’ve also joined forces with other civic partners in their anti-racism campaigns.

However, there clearly is more we can do — and we will.

Our businesses and economy have suffered a great deal over the past few months. It will take great effort to overcome the ravages of COVID-19. Those efforts, and any future steps we take to strengthen our economy and community, are undermined if not coupled with determination and action that supports the healing of our divisions and advances universal justice. The Boulder Chamber pledges itself to that cause.

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