Boulder County Updates Mask Order

Boulder County released its updated mask order today, largely aligning with the state and CDC - 2021-06_requiring-masks-in-certain-public-indoor-spaces-and-aligning-with-state.pdf (

The amended Boulder County mask order states that that fully vaccinated people are not required to wear face coverings in public indoor spaces, besides those indicated below, but recommends the continued use of face coverings for unvaccinated people. REMINDER: Full vaccination means two weeks after your second dose of the Modera or Pfizer vaccine or two weeks after a single dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

Local Orders still REQUIRE masks in the following instances indoors, regardless of vaccination states, in Boulder County:

  1. Healthcare (hospitals, urgent care, clinics, non-urgent medical structures, etc.)
  2. P-12 Schools, Childcare, Indoor Camps
  3. Congregate care facilities
  4. Public transportation and conveyances
  5. When 100 or more unvaccinated people or individuals of unknown status are in a room located in a Public Indoor Space, as required by CDPHE PHO 20-38, as Amended.

Face Covers are still Recommended (not required) for Businesses and Organizations with Public Indoor Spaces 

BCPH recommends that businesses and organizations evaluate whether to require a Face Covering in a Public Indoor Setting with the following considerations until 80% of the total population in Boulder County has been fully vaccinated:

  • BCPH still recommends that all individuals age 2+ who have not been vaccinated should practice physical distancing of six feet, handwashing, and wearing of Face Coverings whenever near members of other households.
  • BCPH recommends that children under age 2 maintain six feet of distance from members of other households who have not yet been fully vaccinated outside of childcare or other school settings.
  • For Public-Facing portions of businesses and organizations, BCPH recommends the following:
    1. Unvaccinated staff should wear masks
    2. If staff are fully vaccinated, then post a sign letting folks know that’s why masks are removed
    3. Require a mask for public unless they indicate they are vaccinated
  • For businesses and organizations that are not public-facing that have stable groups of individuals such as offices, gyms, private events, and other classes with known membership, BCPH recommends the following:
    1. Unvaccinated individuals should wear a mask when around other unvaccinated individuals
    2. Implement policies to allow individuals (esp. those who are not yet old enough or who have compromised immunity) to assess own risk, e.g.:
      • Inform membership/employees of percentage of vaccinated individuals
      • Require unvaccinated individuals to wear masks
      • Schedule classes or times when face coverings are required
      • Move activities outdoors
      • Businesses should review the State’s Civil Rights Guidance when developing policies.

Mask signage for businesses is available to download here.


Key Public Health Messages...

  • Let’s be kind.  We’ve had enough trauma in the past year.
  • Priority is to get vaccinated if you are eligible.
  • Please respect local businesses and their continued requests for patrons to wear masks.
  • Keep your mask in your pocket, and mask up if asked!
  • If you would like to continue to wear a mask, please do so! Any individual may choose to continue to wear a mask; please be respectful.
  • Not everyone has had the opportunity or access to vaccinations up to this point or are still in the process of getting vaccinated (for example, youth).
  • Masks have proven to be effective prevention techniques and each person's level of acceptable risk is different.
  • If you have symptoms, please don’t come in contact with others and stay home.

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