Marshall Fire Business Response Update (1/1/2022)

Dear Boulder Chamber Membership:

We will not sugar coat this . . . The Marshall Fire has caused devastating damage to our community. Thousands of residents are without homes and are displaced. Many businesses are destroyed. Whether or not you were in the direct line of fire, we also know this tragedy impacts all of us.

In line with our business support and economic vitality mission, the Boulder Chamber will focus in the months ahead on addressing the needs of our local business owners. This includes their workforce, many who will be focused on managing other personal obligations. However, as we “build community through business,” we will be deeply engaged as a partner in responding to all identified needs that help Boulder County recover from this tragedy.

Recognizing that the Marshall Fire and its impacts are regional in scope, the Boulder Chamber immediately recognized the need to engage the support of our regional business partners. Fortunately we have developed a strong working relationship with our regional chambers through the Northwest Chamber Alliance (NWCA). As you will see below, the Boulder Chamber along with our NWCA colleagues already are advancing significant collaborative initiatives in response to the Marshall Fire

Most immediately, we offer below a link to key business support resources. We also make an urgent appeal for businesses that are directly impacted by the Marshall Fire and those who can offer support resources, to please complete the Marshall Fire Impact Survey.

This is not a short-term challenge. The recovery effort will extend for years and we are committed to working with our NWCA colleagues, as well as all the other emergency response, civic, and non-profit community organizations to meet this challenge, all while still addressing the impacts of the COVID pandemic and our ambitious goals for a vital regional economy. It will be an enormous task for all of us, but we are #BoulderStrong and will prevail.

We close by first offering our heartfelt condolences to the residents and businesses who have suffered directly from the fury of the Marshall Fire. We are here to support your recovery, which also is how we will heal our community. We also cannot thank enough the emergency response personnel and leadership who performed heroically in their efforts to limit the damage of the Marshall Fire. We owe you an enormous debt of gratitude. Finally, to our NWCA colleagues and all our other response and support partners, we thank you for your efforts as we stand together, once again, to meet the needs of our local businesses, residents and our community.

Marshall Fire Emergency Response and Recovery Resources

The following is a website link to resources that the Boulder Chamber and our Northwest Chamber Alliance colleagues have compiled for updates on the Marshall Fire emergency response efforts and recovery resources, for businesses and their workforce. We will continue to keep this website updated as new resources and information becomes available. Please reach out to us, at, if you find that some of the information becomes outdated or if you have links to other important resources to offer.

Marshall Fire Business Impacts Survey

The Boulder Chamber and our Northwest Chamber Alliance Colleagues are working to deploy the necessary resources to help our businesses and community recover from the devastating impacts of the Marshall Fire. While some of the resources we are preparing to deploy are clear, including emergency response information, insurance navigation tools, and direct assistance, we know there will be specific needs that only our impacted businesses can help us understand. Please complete the Marshall Fire Business Impact Survey and let us know how we can best support your recovery. We also ask those who can offer recovery support service and resources to please also respond to the survey.

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