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A red paper background. part of the paper has been torn back and the words "You belong here" are in black and red. The white Boulder Chamber logo sits underneath the words.

The celebrations of Juneteenth and LBGTQIPA+ pride are at the forefront of conversations in June. These celebrations of independence and courageous authenticity are reminders that people with marginalized identities have struggled to seek inclusion and justice.

Does inclusion always have to be a struggle?

The Boulder Chamber’s mission is to build community through business. We recognize this requires facing hard truths and doing everything in our ability to make Boulder County a place to live, work and play where everyone belongs. By facing these truths, we create the space for healing and can move toward equity.

We believe the Boulder Chamber, alongside the business community, has an opportunity to build stronger connections with traditionally under-resourced and under-represented communities. We can further advocate for a more inclusive community and advance the efforts of social and racial justice.

As part of the Boulder Chamber journey, we have explored our role both internally and externally. As staff and board, we committed to become learning and practicing together which included trainings, shifting policies, establishing a DEI Board Committee, and diversifying our board.

Externally, we have been adopting programs that center diverse voices and bring deserved attention to services and products from businesses that have been historically marginalized. One endeavor has been lifting businesses that exist currently through the Equity Amplification Program and a directory of Boulder’s black-owned and black-led businesses that continues to be updated.

We also have established the Boulder Together initiative, and continue to partner with the Community Foundation for the Leadership Fellows program, political advocacy programs, and workforce development projects that invest in and build capacity for generations of Boulder County leaders and residents.

All these initiatives are only possible because of strategic partnerships with organizations and leaders in diversity, equity, and inclusivity. To those strategic partners, we want to thank you for your time, generosity, and patience with our journey.

We are dedicated to advancing the values and cultural benefits of diversity, equity, and inclusion in service to the community and our member businesses. Our organization welcomes feedback and wants to be held accountable when we make mistakes. We invite you to join us on this journey towards a more just and equitable Boulder County.

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