Emergency Services

Emergency Services


Emergency response is a critical public service. If you’ve ever had an emergency, then you know the importance of having quick response readily available, because urgency matters. The emergency services ballot measure is a .1% sales tax, dropping to .05% after five years, that will give our volunteer responders the capacity to secure a new training facility, new equipment, and will provide funding for continued support of our fire fighters throughout the year, not just during the high-risk fire season. 

Besides aiding in the support of our fire fighters, the emergency response ballot measure will also be used for search and rescue, trailhead services and ambulance services. Boulder County Mounted Search and Rescue, Boulder Emergency Squad, and Front Range Rescue Dogs are just a few of the organizations that will use this tax if voted for on the November ballot. Much of this work facilitates emergency response and rescue efforts associated with tourist activity in the high country. Those are the same tourists, lured by outdoor adventure, who frequent local businesses 

For all of the above reasons, the Boulder Chamber Board of Directors and Community Affairs Council strongly believe that the emergency response ballot measure receives the support of our business community. To learn more about the emergency services ballot measure, read here: Boulder County Commissioners adopt ballot measures for wildfire mitigation, emergency response, and transportation - Boulder County 

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