Letter to the Editor: The Boulder Chamber Supports Ballot Measures 1A and 1B

Letter To The Editor: The Boulder Chamber Supports Ballot Measures 1A And 1B

The Boulder Chamber supports ballot measures 1A and 1B as a wise investment for the safety and vitality of our Boulder Community.  

Our community’s homes, businesses, and tourist economy depend on our pristine mountains, rivers, and trails. The tragedy of wildfire hit very close to home last year.  After 9 months, many businesses are only now reopening. Some have closed their doors forever. As people come to enjoy our outdoors, they should know they will be kept safe and that future generations can enjoy the same opportunities.  This is why both wildfire prevention and by our volunteer firefighters as well as our emergency response are needed remedies responders. 

Wildfire mitigation, ballot measure 1A, will provide both the business community and residents of Colorado with funding to address high-risk wildfire areas, as well as help protect our grasslands from wildfire devastation. The .1% tax will provide families with education on making their homes more resistant to wildfires, saving homes and lives in Colorado. 

The emergency responses ballot measure 1B will provide much needed funding to emergency services, allowing for emergencies to be better addressed in rural areas including our mountain trails. The .1% for the first 5 years and the .05% for the years after will help our fire fighters with much needed upgrades such as equipment, training, and a new facility, all things that will protect our emergency responders and our community. 

Please vote YES on both ballot measure 1A and 1B. 

John Tayer, CEO 

Boulder Chamber

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