Policy Leader Spotlight: State Representative Junie Joseph 

Policy Leader Spotlight: State Representative Junie Joseph


Junie Joseph is beginning her first term as the State Representative for House District 10, which includes most of the City of Boulder and a small part of Gunbarrel. For the 2023 Session, she will serve as the Vice Chair of the House Finance Committee (a unique honor for a first-year lawmaker).  

Representative-elect Joseph has a passion for human and civil rights, having offered her expertise on transitional justice issues in South Africa. In this role, Junie supported the United Nations mandate by providing both research and organizational assistance to the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Geneva. She also served as a global law and development fellow on a USAID project in Côte D’Ivoire, West Africa, promoting the rights of persons with disabilities to access the Ivorian Judicial system. Most recently, she worked as a Human Rights Officer within the United Nations Mission to the Central African Republic, serving internally displaced persons in the region of Bria. After returning from the Central African Republic, Junie moved to Colorado to study law.  

In her own words: Why is Boulder's business community important to you? 

Our business community is so important because it creates the opportunity for people in our community to thrive. Healthy businesses and thriving workers create so many positive benefits, strengthening our sense of community, funding robust public services that improve our quality of life, and driving innovation to benefit humankind. Our business community also attracts a highly educated and diverse workforce, which makes Boulder one of the most dynamic and fun places to live in Colorado.

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