RE: Public Hearing Item 5A- Ordinance 8556: 6500 Arapahoe Annexation 

Boulder Chamber

To: Mayor Aaron Brockett and Boulder City Council 

CC: City Manager Nuria Rivera-Vandermyde, Director Kurt Firhaber, Senior Housing Manager Jay Sugnet 


RE: Public Hearing Item 5A- Ordinance 8556: 6500 Arapahoe Annexation 

Mayor and Council Members,  

I am writing regarding Public Hearing Item 5A on behalf of the Boulder Chamber. Plans such as these meet the underlying mission of the Boulder Chamber. The opportunities to educate a skills-based workforce and increase affordable housing while remaining sensitive to environmental standards, will improve our community for generations to come. 

I am grateful the for the engagement and collaboration between the Boulder Valley School District (BVSD) and city staff in a manner that prioritizes new learning opportunities for students.  The Boulder Chamber’s economic development arm, the Boulder Economic Council (BEC), has focused their energies on work-based learning through apprenticeships. BEC was also instrumental in the assisting with the inception of our BVSD’s 

Grad+ program to give students viable career options from immediately after high school graduation through higher education and graduate school.  The construction trade workforce shortage has amplified the cost of housing and hurt affordability. This new program could assist in addressing our need for skilled labor and could serve as an example for other communities across the county and state. 

To say housing costs are at a premium, would be an understatement. Manufactured housing will provide a much-needed lacking ingredient to the mix of housing options. Manufactured homes can come with a stigma of being poorly built, and a poor long-term investment. With collaboration from the city and well-established non-profits such as Habitat for Humanity, not only will more homes will be built, but these homes will be sustainably built for the long haul. 

I recognize that there are local concerns regarding the noise and light pollution. I believe the transparent and thorough process respond to those concerns have gone above and beyond the city, state, and federal requirements. I am also convinced that BVSD will continue to act in good faith to address further concerns should they arrive just as they have in the past. Considering these facts, it is my hope that programs like this are adopted.  If there is anything our organization can do to collaborate on issues such as these in the future, please feel free to reach out and thank you for your thoughtful consideration. 



Jonathan Singer, Boulder Chamber of Commerce - Senior Director of Policy Programs  

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