2020 Election Resources

November 3rd is Election Day, the last day to vote! For voter registration, mail-in voting information and to find out where to submit your ballot, visit bouldercounty.org/elections.

Ballot Scorecard: Eye on the Ballot

A summary of issues on the city and state ballots and a quick-glance explanation of the Boulder Chamber's official positions. View PDF version

HOW THE BOULDER CHAMBER ARRIVED AT THESE POSITIONS: The Boulder Chamber determines its positions on ballot measures after obtaining input from our diverse membership, receiving information from representatives on all sides of each issue, and through analysis of relevant background materials. Each ballot measure was subject to thoughtful scrutiny by the Boulder Chamber’s Community Affairs Council (CAC) before final review and position adoption by the Boulder Chamber Board of Directors.

For more information on the Boulder Chamber’s ballot positions please contact Senior Director of Policy Programs Lori Call, lori.call@boulderchamber.com or (303) 938-2084 or Director of Public Affairs, Andrea Meneghel, andrea.meneghel@boulderchamber.com (303) 938-2077.

Election Events

Upcoming Events

Virtual Bolder Young Pros Happy Hour

October 29 | 4 p.m.

Join our Bolder Young Professionals for an evening of new connections! We will have a Halloween themed Happy Hour, with some trivia featuring prizes for the Corner Bar from our friends at Hotel Boulderado.

You will also hear from Boulder Chamber Public Affairs Director Andrea Meneghel for a voting update to make sure you are ready to vote in the upcoming election. 

Virtual Beer with John

October 20 | 4 p.m.

Join us for a drink! This is your chance to engage with Boulder Chamber President & CEO John Tayer virtually in some low-key conversation. Plus, learn about the upcoming election issues on this year's ballot and make sure you're registered to vote with a special presentation by Boulder Chamber Public Affairs Director Andrea Meneghel.

This event is free for Boulder Chamber members. If you are not a member and are interested in attending, contact us!

Past Events

U.S. Senate Candidate Forum with John Hickenlooper

October 15: The Northwest Chamber Alliance held a virtual forum for its members with Senate candidate and former Governor John Hickenlooper.

U.S. Senate Candidate Forum with Cory Gardner

October 6: The Northwest Chamber Alliance held a virtual forum for its members with Senator Cory Gardner. Watch the forum or read the summary from BizWest and the Daily Camera here.

Policy Roundtable on Local Ballot Issues

September 10: In this virtual policy roundtable, we hear from both sides on upcoming election issues for the 2020 City of Boulder election.

Policy Roundtable: City of Boulder, Xcel Energy Franchise Agreement Part 1

September 3: The City of Boulder and Xcel Energy discuss the franchise agreement. Part 1 of a 2-part webinar.

Policy Roundtable: City of Boulder, Xcel Energy Franchise Agreement Part 2

September 3: City of Boulder and Xcel staff discuss the Franchise Agreement. Part 2 of a 2-part webinar.


Policy Roundtable on State Ballot Issues

August 13: In this virtual policy roundtable, you can learn about key issues that you will see on the state ballot this fall and how they will affect your business.

Further Reading on Election Issues

Colorado Amendment B: Gallagher Amendment Repeal & Property Tax Assessment Rates

  • Iceberg Ahead: The Hidden Tax Increase Below the Surface of the Gallagher Formula Read Report
  • "New report shows Main Street enterprises having to pay $270 million more next year" Read Article

Boulder Chamber Articles on Election Issues

Boulder Chamber Election Positions: Analysis Trumps Passion

By John Tayer | September 29, 2020

Whether it’s an investment decision, a human resource policy or an election issue endorsement, the best decisions rely on thorough analysis of the options and their impacts. The Boulder Chamber takes that same thoughtful approach when deciding its position on ballot issues.

Read More

Boulder Chamber Supports Xcel Franchise Agreement

By Boulder Chamber | September 18, 2020

This fall, voters will determine whether the City of Boulder and Xcel Energy enter into a franchise agreement, which would end the decade-long municipalization effort for a city-run, community-owned electric utility. The Boulder Chamber supports this proposed franchise agreement between the City of Boulder and Xcel Energy.

Read More

How Will You Vote on the Municipalization Ballot Issues?

By Boulder Chamber | August 31, 2020

The Boulder Chamber is hosting a forum on the local ballot measures that address a proposed settlement agreement with Xcel Energy to potentially end the municipalization effort and the future of Boulder’s Utility Occupation Tax.

Read More

Statewide Ballot Issues: Gallagher Amendment Repeal and Paid Medical and Family Leave

By Boulder Chamber | August 31, 2020

As the state continues to grapple with the economic impacts of COVID-19, Coloradans will vote on a number of key issues this fall that will affect state funding and the business sector. In preparation for this vote, the Boulder Chamber convened state leaders to discuss two key issues with our members—repealing the Gallagher Amendment and Paid Medical and Family Leave (Initiative 283).

Read More

Share Your Perspective on the Xcel Negotiations

By Boulder Chamber | July 23, 2020

The City of Boulder has spent years assessing whether to pursue a city-run, community-owned electric utility or to achieve it renewable energy goals through a renewed franchise agreement with its current electric services provider, Xcel Energy. City Council will revisit this debate on August 4 when it considers the progress of recent negotiations between Xcel leadership and City of Boulder representatives. At issue will be whether or not to place a new franchise agreement before the voters during this fall’s election, effectively ending the City of Boulder 10-year bid to municipalize our electric system.

Read More

Boulder Chamber Hosts Discussion with Xcel

By Boulder Chamber | June 25, 2020

Boulder Chamber Hosts Discussion with Xcel Read More »

Read More

2020 Local Election Voting and Registration Information

The General Election will be held on Tuesday, November 3, 2020

All registered voters were mailed a ballot on October 9. To track your ballot, click here.

When you are ready to vote, remember to sign and stamp your envelope. Alternatively, twelve 24-hour mail ballot drop-off boxes are available and require no postage. Most Voter Service and Polling Centers in Boulder County opened on October 19. Here is a list of all Boulder County Voter Polling Centers & Ballot Drop-off Locations.

24 hour Drop-off Locations in Boulder:

  • Boulder County Courthouse, East Wing Entrance, 14th Street between Spruce Street and Pearl Street.
  • South Boulder Recreation Center, 1360 Gillaspie Dr. in Boulder

Still need to register to vote? Register to Vote Here!

The last day to register and still be sent a ballot in the mail is October 26.

Visit the Secretary of State’s website and register online. There is no registration deadline in Colorado. If you have been a resident of Colorado for at least 22 days and are 18 years or older you can register and vote on the same day – up to and including Election Day. If you have registered to vote but have not received a ballot by mail, you will need to vote at a Voter Service Center (ID required.)

Tuesday, November 3 is the LAST DAY TO DELIVER your ballot. Your ballot must be in the County Clerk’s hands by 7:00 p.m. on November 3!

Need more information? Visit the Boulder County elections website here. The Boulder County Elections office can also be reached at 303-413-7740 or by email at vote@bouldercountyvotes.org.



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