Arts mean business - and when arts and business partner, everyone profits.

With the 8th highest concentration of artists in the country, Boulder’s arts and culture sector plays a key role in building and sustaining Boulder’s economically vibrant community. In communities across the nation, the arts and business sectors are successfully collaborating to contribute to the quality of life in their region; drive economic development; stimulate creativity and innovation; and strengthen the ability of business to recruit and retain a diverse group of individuals who will bring exceptional skills to the community.

The Boulder Chamber is committed to advancing support for arts and culture; and with the Community Affairs Council, we stay one step ahead of the issues affecting the Boulder arts community.

ARTS and BUSINESS RESOURCES:  Want to know more about why arts are good for business and business is good for the arts?  Are you looking for new ways to build successful arts and business partnerships or how to advance support for the arts in Boulder?  Check out this list of Arts Resources.

We welcome your input! If you have suggestions about how to promote arts, culture and creativity in Boulder or want to connect with the local arts community, contact Deborah Malden, Boulder Chamber Arts Liaison & Advisor.

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