Boulder City Election, November 5th 2019

Now’s our chance to create a legacy for our beloved city. One that supports policy and action to enhance Boulder as a vibrant, economical and socially diverse place to live.  There are many issues that demand our attention as a community.

Our Focus Areas


Housing Affordability

With the average home priced near a million, many people who work in our community are priced out of the market. The Boulder Chamber supports efforts to develop policies that encourage middle market and affordable housing opportunities to meet the needs of our diverse workforce.



Our transportation infrastructure has not kept up with the times.  The Boulder Chamber supports planning, programs and investments that provide efficient and convenient mobility options, including enhanced automobile capacity and transit improvements for Boulder's workforce.


Engaged Business

The Boulder business community faces challenges like never before. The Boulder Chamber supports efforts to remove regulatory barriers and create a climate of encouragement for an engaged business environment that retains our workforce jobs and nurtures our innovative economy.

What's Next Matters

Without the right leadership and vision in City Council, Boulder runs the risk of becoming more and more exclusive. We believe in a sensible Boulder. One where everyone can build a life, pursue a career, and be a full participant in our community.

How We Get There

We must vote for candidates and policies that support a more economically and socially equitable community. Download our candidate and ballot issues scorecards and familiarize yourself with key election dates so you can be informed and cast your vote for a sensible Boulder.

Week of October 14th - Ballots are mailed to all registered voters

November 5th - Ballots can be mailed in at any time, but must be in the City’s possession by end of day Tuesday November 5th, 2019

Stay Informed

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