2021 Election Resources

Election Day is November 2!
For voter registration, mail-in voting information and to find out where to submit your ballot,
visit bouldercounty.org/elections.

Voter Resources and Information

With five Boulder City Council seats in contention, the 2021 election results will define our community for the next two years.

Watch the livestream of the event to learn about this year’s candidates and get ready to vote!


Outdoor Encampments, Crime, and Policing

Two pressing community issues that have been a major focus this election are concerns about outdoor encampments in public facilities and rising criminal behavior. Intertwined with these concerns are talks of police funding and reform. While none of the candidates for city council support either strictly defunding the police or dismiss calls for creative solutions that address the underlying causes of homelessness and criminal activity, their ideas and proposals vary, so we encourage our members to carefully read candidates' websites. You can “meet the candidates” at our election resources page, https://boulderchamber.com/advocacy/election-resources

The Boulder Chamber’s policy statement on how to address the challenge of homeless encampments in our community is linked here. We asked every City Council candidate:

Do you believe the Boulder Chamber’s policy statement places …
a) too much emphasis on police enforcement?
b) too much emphasis on alternative response measures?
c) just the right balance?

Here were their responses:

Matt Benjamin: c) just the right balance
Michael Christy: c) just the right balance
Jacques Decalo: c) just the right balance
Lauren Folkerts: c) just the right balance
Steve Rosenblum: c) just the right balance
Nicole Speer: c) just the right balance
David Takahashi: a) too much emphasis on police enforcement
Mark Wallach: c) just the right balance
Dan Willams: c) just the right balance
Tara Winer: c) just the right balance

For more on these important topics, please check out President John Tayer’s recent Chamber Chat with District Attorney Michael Dougherty and Police Chief Maris Herold: https://youtu.be/nWDTGQNS8f4

Preview of the 2021 Boulder Election

With Shay Castle and Deborah Swearingen

Elections are right around the corner! Get the lowdown on top issues and insights on the candidate pool from two leading local journalists, Shay Castle with the Boulder Beat and Deborah Swearingen with the Daily Camera, in this episode of Chamber Chat with John Tayer.

2021 Local Election Voting and Registration Information

The General Election will be held on Tuesday, November 2, 2021

All registered voters will be mailed a ballot on October 11.

Need more information? Visit the Boulder County elections website here. The Boulder County Elections office can also be reached at 303-413-7740 or by email at vote@bouldercountyvotes.org.

Eye on the Ballot

A summary of issues on the city and state ballots and a quick-glance explanation of the Boulder Chamber's official positions.

Eye on the Ballot 2021

HOW THE BOULDER CHAMBER ARRIVED AT THESE POSITIONS: The Boulder Chamber determines its positions on ballot measures after obtaining input from our diverse membership, receiving information from representatives on all sides of each issue, and through analysis of relevant background materials. Each ballot measure was subject to thoughtful scrutiny by the Boulder Chamber’s Community Affairs Council (CAC) before final review and position adoption by the Boulder Chamber Board of Directors.

For more information on the Boulder Chamber’s ballot positions please contact Director of Public Affairs, Andrea Meneghel, andrea.meneghel@boulderchamber.com (303) 938-2077.


Additional Resources:

Protect Our Neighbors

Candidate Scorecard

Eye on the Ballot UPDATED
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