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Copy of Eye on the Ballot
While we didn’t bat 1.000, the business community enjoyed important victories at the ballot box in the 2023 election. The result will be more affordable housing, better transportation options, and new opportunities for workforce development. Check-out our ballot scorecard for a complete list of 2023 election outcomes.
We thank our Boulder Chamber membership, with particular appreciation to Community Affairs Council and Board of Directors, for your guidance in developing our positions on a busy 2023 ballot and for your support of our campaign efforts in some important wins for business interests.

Election Day is November 8!
For voter registration, mail-in voting information and to find out where to submit your ballot,
visit bouldercounty.org/elections.

Voter Resources and Information

.The 2022 election results will define our community.

The Boulder Chamber hosted a Ballot Scorecard Party on October 3 to help explain the Boulder Chamber’s positions on the 2022 ballot measures most impacting Boulder businesses.
The forum featured two former Boulder Mayors as panelists, with Sam Weaver speaking in opposition to the library district funding initiative (Ballot Issue 2C) and Leslie Durgin representing the “No Means No More Delay” campaign in opposition to Ballot Issue 2F. Sheriff Joe Pelle also joined use to speak in favor of an emergency response initiative and wildfire measure, Ballot Issues 1A and 2B, along with our own Boulder Transportation Connections Executive Director Amanda Mansfield speaking in favor of a measure that continues the important Boulder County transportation tax, Ballot Issue 1C. Finally, our Senior Director of Policy Programs, Jonathan Singer, explained why the Boulder Chamber is supporting the statewide affordable housing initiative, Proposition 123.
It was a packed presentation with the goal of educating our business members about the ballot measures that will impact their interests.

Preview of the 2022 Boulder Election

The Boulder Chamber is beginning to formulate its positions on the upcoming 2022 ballot measures. In particular, knowing there will be several tax increase initiatives coming before Boulder County voters this fall, the Boulder Chamber has carefully considered the issues through multiple lenses with the assistance of our Community Affairs Council and ultimate guidance from our Board of Directors. Here, you will find some of the recent positions the Boulder Chamber will be taking on ballot initiatives this fall. 

Eye on the Ballot

A summary of issues on the city and state ballots and a quick-glance explanation of the Boulder Chamber's official positions.

The Boulder Chamber provides our member with the annual election Ballot Scorecard as a guide to positions we are recommending on ballot measures impacting our local businesses. We urge you to review the Ballot Scorecard before you vote! Please also consider sharing a copy of the Ballot Scorecard with your business colleagues, neighbors and friends . . . Help us spread the word!

HOW THE BOULDER CHAMBER ARRIVED AT THESE POSITIONS: The Boulder Chamber is appreciative of the viewpoints offered to us by our board of directors and our Community Affairs Council (CAC). Throughout the year the chamber meets with CAC and board members regularly to participate in high-level conversations which give us an ending position for the ballot measures that greatly impact the Boulder business community.

For more information on the Boulder Chamber’s ballot positions please contact Senior Director of Policy Programs, Jonathan Singer, at jonathan.singer@boulderchamber.com or Policy Programs Specialist, Devin Edgley, at devin.edgley@boulderchamber.com.

Get More Information on Each Ballot Measure


2022 Local Election Voting and Registration Information

The General Election will be held on Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Need more information? Visit the Boulder County elections website here. The Boulder County Elections office can also be reached at 303-413-7740 or by email at vote@bouldercountyvotes.org.

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