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Eye on the Ballot

The results are in!

After a thoughtful and complicated election season, this is how we scored. The voters carefully weighed in and stood with the vast majority of our positions. We take a grace of 5 extra points for our score for our increased activity and participation in communicating these ballot measures to our business community, as well as adding an additional framework to our policy statement, further emphasizing the importance of affordability and safety to our members.

Overall Grade: B

Eye On The Ballot 2023 - FNL 11.29.23

HOW THE BOULDER CHAMBER ARRIVED AT THESE POSITIONS: The Boulder Chamber is appreciative of the viewpoints offered to us by our membershipCommunity Affairs Council (CAC) and our Board of Directors. Throughout the year, the Boulder Chamber Policy Programs team seeks the opinion of local business leaders on policy matters, ultimately sharing this input with our CAC and Board of Directors to determine our position on ballot measures that impact the Boulder business community.

For more information on the Boulder Chamber’s ballot positions please contact Senior Director of Policy Programs, Jonathan Singer, at jonathan.singer@boulderchamber.com or Policy Programs Specialist, Devin Edgley, at devin.edgley@boulderchamber.com.

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Boulder Chamber City Council Forum

With Boulder's first head-to-head race for mayor and four council seats in contention, this year's election results will have a broad-reaching impact on business interests and other policy concerns for our community.

Our 2023 City Council and Mayoral Candidate Partner Question Responses are available now!

Election Day is November 7!

Not yet registered to vote? Have you recently moved? Check to make sure you're all set to go before the election!

For voter registration, mail-in voting information, and to find out where to submit your ballot,
visit bouldercounty.org/elections.

Voter Resources and Information

For more than 20 years, the College of Political Knowledge has stood alone as the launching pad for local campaigns, providing those interested in running for office with the opportunity to learn about the election process and to hear firsthand from successful candidates. Our illustrious alumni include elected officials, campaign managers, and candidates from every level, from local to statewide. Join us to learn how to get your campaign started!

2023 Local Election Voting and Registration Information

The General Election will be held on Tuesday, November 7, 2023.

Voter Registration and Voter Information - Boulder County

Ranked Choice Voting for the City of Boulder Mayoral Election - Boulder County

Did you know this will be the first time we vote for our Mayor?  The method for electing our Mayor is a little different. To ensure your vote counts regarding Ranked Choice Voting, please check out this link from Boulder County.

Voting and Election Information - City of Boulder

Want to see what other issues will potentially appear on your ballot?

Need more information? Visit the Boulder County elections website here. The Boulder County Elections office can also be reached at 303-413-7740 or by email at vote@bouldercountyvotes.org.


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