In summarizing the Boulder Chamber’s stances on the numerous 2018 ballot measures, President and CEO John Tayer stated, “With a Boulder Chamber membership that reflects the diversity of opinions across our community, you can be sure there was significant debate on all the ballot measures we considered. Ultimately, though, our positions reflect the Boulder Chamber’s consistent appreciation for prudent investments in the infrastructure and programs that strengthen our State, region and community."

"Along those lines, we are in dire need of long-overdue investment in Colorado’s transportation network. That is why we stand with business and civic leaders from across the State in making an appeal for support of the critical transportation infrastructure funding that Proposition 110 will provide."

"At the same time, we take a strong stand for accountability in the collection and expenditure of tax-generated resources, which is reflected in our position on the sugar tax initiative. Finally, while we fully appreciate the need to better fund our State’s education system, we defer to our membership and the voting public for their judgement on the proposed funding mechanisms in Amendment 73. If Amendment 73 is unsuccessful at the ballot box, the Boulder Chamber looks forward to partnering with other education support interests in developing a funding mechanism that we can fully stand behind.” 

The Boulder Chamber determines its positions on ballot measures after obtaining input from our diverse membership, receiving further information in direct meetings with representatives for the opposing perspectives and discussions with individuals and organizations who have strong background knowledge on the ballot issues, and through our thorough analysis of available material.

Each ballot measure was then thoughtfully analyzed and discussed by the Boulder Chamber’s Community Affairs Council (CAC), the Boulder Chamber’s policy advisory body comprised of balanced representation from across our membership. The Boulder Chamber Board of Directors received this information and the CAC’s recommended positions before voting on the final 2018 ballot positions.

For more information and additional perspective on all of the Boulder Chamber’s ballot positions, please contact Public Affairs Director, Andrea Meneghel.

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