Community Infrastructure

The Challenge

Over time, our regional transportation network has failed to meet the needs of regional growth. As COVID-19 restrictions are lifted and our workforce returns to the office, our roadways will experience the severe traffic congestion of 250,000 vehicles traveling on Boulder’s roadways and host 55,000 daily commuters who rely on our regional corridors. Aside from the detriment to the environment and the quality of life, continued traffic congestion threatens to make Boulder isolated and inaccessible to our workforce.

The pandemic also increased our dependence on broadband for remote working and learning. It is imperative we attract infrastructure investments to re-stimulate our regional economy, while addressing current essential workforce needs and long-term mobility issues.

Our Goal

Drive infrastructure planning, programs and investments that re-stimulate our economy while providing efficient and convenient mobility options, including enhanced automobile capacity and transit improvements, for Boulder’s workforce.

Facts to Consider

Boulder’s workforce includes +55,000 daily work commuters on average.

Major regional travel corridors serving Boulder’s workforce are graded F for Level of Service at peak travel times.

SH 199/The Diagonal and SH 7/East Arapahoe are still lacking tens of millions of dollars in funding for infrastructure improvements.


  • Achieve planning and funding decisions for key regional corridors, with a specific focus on transit and automobile capacity improvements for SH 119/Diagonal Highway and SH 7/East Arapahoe.

  • Develop customized transportation solutions for local businesses and their workforce, deploying the most advanced technology tools, to address near-term mobility needs.

  • Increase government funding and local investment in transportation infrastructure and mobility-related initiatives to re-stimulate our regional economy, while addressing long-term needs.

  • Support public/private partnerships and initiatives that increase access to high-speed internet for businesses and residents.

Join us in meeting the infrastructure needs of Boulder's workforce and businesses.

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