Quality Business Environment

The Challenge

Prior to COVID-19, nearly 70,000 workers commuted into Boulder daily. The lack of housing options forces employees to commute long distances and some job seekers to reject or ignore employment opportunities in our community.

Further, the accelerated adoption of remote working and learning tools during the pandemic will have long-term impacts on both the number and frequency of returning workers. This, compounded by a global shift towards new ways of working by businesses, will impact the commercial real estate landscape. The lack of in-commuter employees and visitation to Boulder has had a substantial impact on collected retail sales tax and commercial real estate vacancies.

Our Goal

Increase affordable residential housing options, improve the timely development of commercial real estate projects, and stress the importance of having a balanced and diverse economic ecosystem.

Facts to Consider

As of June 2020, nearly 10% of Boulder’s office space sits vacant.

In 2020, the City of Boulder experienced an 8% drop in collected retail sales tax from the prior year.


  • Advocate for more innovative workforce housing opportunities.

  • Provide fact-based information and resources on why and how “Business is Vital” in our community.

  • Drive towards regulatory review process enhancements that expedite permitting and more permissive zoning.

Join us in promoting a quality business environment in Boulder.

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