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  • Convened the Regional Workforce Housing Summit through our partnership with the Northwest Chamber Alliance, applying the creative insights from a diverse mix of business leaders to develop solutions for our workforce housing challenges. See summary report of the proposed solutions.

  • Prioritizing the most effective ideas and solutions for addressing our regional workforce housing challenges with the Northwest Chamber Alliance, while also identifying the most effective solutions for the Boulder community.

  • Accepting proposals for implementing the planned workforce housing assessment, in order to determine the full scope and character of our workforce housing challenge.

  • Convened the leadership of our development community, the Collaborative Planning and Development Forum, to begin establishing metrics for our efforts to track progress in improvements to Boulder’s project review and permitting procedures.

  • Working with a diverse group of housing advocates and developers to create the Innovate for Impact proposal to establish procedures for neighborhoods, individuals and developers to propose pilot projects to City of Boulder to address affordable housing for Boulder area employees.

    • Identified process, technical assistance teams, review criteria, and have submitted overall proposal to City of Boulder’s Planning and Community Development Department for staff review and approval. Now recruiting project evaluator and seeking funding for Innovate for Impact project administration.

  • Working with University of Colorado Boulder, City of Boulder, the Department of Transportation and the Army Corps of Engineers in the annexation of CU South properties.  

    • Reviewed CU South land use and flood control issues with CU staff heading up CU annexation process.

    • Organized meetings between impacted South Boulder neighborhood and Frasier Meadows residents, Board and staff.

    • Organized advocacy effort and education program from neighborhood and Frasier to City Council to adopt option for flood control configuration and allow forward progress towards annexation.

  • Working with the City of Boulder and the Regional Housing Partnership in preparing profiles of local company employees including wages, expenses, types of housing for which the employee/family might qualify, and the availability of the affordable housing type by community.
  • Continue to provide input to the City of Boulder’s initiative to more clearly define “community benefit” and establish policies and procedures by which qualifying projects and proposals may either be exempted from or facilitated through existing requirements.
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  • Successfully launched the Boulder Together workforce development initiative at the Boulder Economic Summit, an event attended by over 400 individuals.

  • Helped convene the Boulder County Business Response Team, a small sub-group of the Boulder County workforce system representing K-12, business, economic development, community colleges, university, and the workforce center to discuss potential solutions to individual employer or industry-wide talent needs. 

  • Helped launch a Boulder County Business Response Team with a small team of workforce partners to quickly address company workforce needs; serve as chair of group.

  • Launched the industry-driven Boulder / Broomfield Tech Sector Partnership and received a State of Colorado $30,000 grant award to further fund the tech sector partnership’s growth.

  • Working with workforce partners to launch additional industry-driven partnerships in Boulder County, including healthcare and manufacturing, and supporting the programs that develop from these partnerships.

  • Facilitated introduction of Careerwise Colorado to Boulder companies and school districts to potentially initiate youth apprenticeship program in Fall 2019.

  • Worked with Skillful Colorado, in coordination with Workforce Boulder County, to bring the competency-based hiring trainings and resources to Boulder business starting in January 2019.

  • Exploring work-based learning opportunities in high demand industries and career opportunities with partner organizations, including apprenticeships and internships.

  • Work the City of Boulder and Workforce Boulder County to host annual job fairs to support the economic mobility and vitality goals for residents and employers and to give businesses greater access to a qualified and diversified workforce.

  • Participating in Road to Work Boulder, which is focused on providing work readiness and advancement to individuals with employment barriers in Boulder County by providing employers access to diverse workers and this system-wide network that supports hiring and retention.

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  • Acting as a lead in collaboration with the University of Colorado and National Renewable Energy Laboratory to pursue federal funding to implement a pilot project in Boulder deploying advanced mobility technology to resolve first and final mile challenges for our workforce commuters.

  • Providing regional business sector leadership and representation for the planning of major transportation infrastructure improvements on SH 119/the Diagonal and State Highway 7 from Brighton to Boulder.

  • Providing regional business leadership on major Denver metro area initiatives, such as the RTD First and Final Mile Study, and the Mobility Choice Blueprint.

  • Representing the Boulder business community on regional coalitions such as the Northwest Chamber Alliance and in the SH 7 Coalition.

  • Successfully advocated for the prioritization of regional transportation investments that meet Boulder County’s workforce mobility needs with the CDOT Transportation Commission for the prioritization of our regional projects at the state level.

  • Convened forums on lessons learned from the 2018 Ballot Initiatives and alternative strategies for funding our state and regional transportation priorities.

  • Took a significant leadership role within our region to support the campaign for Proposition 110, Let’s Go Colorado, which would have established a statewide sales tax to fund transportation investments throughout Colorado - The result was Boulder County passing this initiative, while it failed at the state level.

  • Working in support of broadband infrastructure planning and funding to accelerate the adoption of advanced mobility technologies.

  • Convening a network of public and private sector partners to establish a coalition of transportation experts for implementing a pilot project in Boulder that uses advanced mobility technology to resolve first and final mile challenges.