The Challenge

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There is a gap between the number of jobs available in Boulder and the workforce available to fill those positions across all industries and skill levels.


One of the biggest contributing factors to the overall challenge is the lack of training specific to the needs of local businesses.


Trends indicate this gap will only grow in the next few years, especially as workplace environments continue to evolve and more jobs require higher levels of technological literacy and professional competencies.

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Drive collaborative community-wide partnerships to define Boulder’s workforce needs and develop the talent pool using workforce training and recruitment strategies to meet the demand for high-quality, qualified talent.


  • Conduct Boulder talent gap analysis to create baseline metrics for the region, understand the needs of the community. Share results with education, community and business partners to generate awareness of workforce development gaps.

  • Collaborate regionally on industry sector partnerships, talent attraction programs and work-based learning initiatives, offering businesses alternative workforce solutions aligned with workforce demand.

  • Provide businesses with education and resources for instituting skill-based hiring, internships, apprenticeships and teleworking options. Facilitate a community-wide, online job and internship portal for local business.

  • Implement a marketing campaign and provide our businesses with regionally focused resources to assist in the attraction / retention of talent to fill available Boulder jobs.

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