BYP Young Pro to Know: Lindsey Sachs

June 2018

Lindsey Sachs, Owner, COLLECTIVE/by Sachs – Authentic Wedding Planning & Design

Why did you choose wedding planning as your career?
My husband and I planned our April 4, 2015 wedding together and the end result was a day that was so authentic to us. We were truly in the moment with each other and our guests, without distraction, and felt we truly maximized our day with great intention.

On our honeymoon in Costa Rica, we couldn’t stop talking about the power of our wedding day and wondering how many couples miss opportunities within their wedding because they simply don’t know how to curate the right team of vendors, design a timeline that doesn’t put them in a rush, and most importantly, how to add design and meaning to each aspect of their day that is authentic to them.

We decided on that trip that we belonged in the wedding industry to help couples in designing their own authentic wedding day and care deeply about seeing couples begin married life in a way that’s true to their personal style and love story.

What did you do before you started your own business?
Prior to starting COLLECTIVE/by Sachs – Authentic Wedding Planning & Design, I was the Senior Brand and Marketing Director for Life Time Fitness’ athletic events division. I also managed Life Time’s nationwide women’s athletic event brand, which I founded in 2013 called Esprit de She – The Spirit of Her Race Series. Our team hosted over 60 events each year from the Miami Marathon, to the Leadville Trail 100 Mountain Bike and Run and the popular Life Time Tri Series.

What made you decide to jump into becoming a small business owner?
Entrepreneurship has always been part of my DNA and I knew it wasn’t a matter of “if”, but “when” I’d make the jump to full-time entrepreneurship. Having worked for a billion dollar corporation, my previous role allowed me a taste of entrepreneurship with the ability to build a new brand inside a large company. In my hometown of Maple Grove Minnesota, I had been part of other entrepreneurial endeavors including starting my own Sprint and Olympic distance triathlon. With our wedding planning business, I feel that I’ve found the right home for sharing my talents and energy in a meaningful way.

What are some of the biggest hurdles you have found to running a successful small business?
As a young small business owner, we’ve experienced hurdles, yet are so proud of how far we’ve come and are excited for the road ahead! An initial hurdle is adjusting to the unknown with no guarantees for your earning potential and annual business revenue. Another big hurdle is defining your brand and marketing in a way that resonates with you and your target client. There is a lot of suspense waiting for your next lead to come in while finding the most effective way to communicate with potential couples about your value and exactly how we will make their wedding experience phenomenal. With each hurdle, we also go back to our “why” knowing we’re meant to support happy couples.

You work with your husband, do you have any tricks for working together successfully?
My husband Chris Sachs and I are a true team; we have a shared drive for success. We never thought twice about working together, and now that we have experience doing so, we have found a positive rhythm for our operations. We schedule meeting time with a clear agenda so that we can stay on track to make the most of our business development time. We both feel free to share our ideas about marketing and operations, but have learned not to jump too quickly to put those items into practice. Instead, we think through new ideas and agree on the best time to implement. We push and support one another realizing our unique approaches to business and know that communication is key to everything we do!

If couples are looking for wedding planning support, what services do you provide and how can they reach you?
We would love to work with Boulder Chamber members and your friends. We offer three service levels including Full Service Planning & Design, and Month-Of and Day-Of Coordination for weddings across Colorado. With each service, we can easily customize to fit your planning needs. We’re offering a Boulder Chamber Hot Deal through the month of June. Contact Lindsey at to learn more!