COVID-19 Community and Business Resources

Boulder Chamber Launches Recalibrated Boulder Together Initiative Promoting a Strong and Inclusive Economic Recovery

While maintaining its continued vigilance in response to the immediate impacts of COVID-19, the Boulder Chamber is training its focus on a strong and inclusive economic recovery from the pandemic’s devastation through a recalibration of its Boulder Together program.

Let’s Pull on Our Oars Together

I’ve heard it said, “We may be in this COVID-19 storm together, but some of us have leaky boats.” Yes . . . and we either pull our oars together toward a brighter future for all of us, or we’ll all soon have leaky boats. Fortunately, in our community’s immediate COVID-19 response, we’ve demonstrated an encouraging degree of collaborative planning and action. It is in this same spirit that the Boulder Chamber offers a few principles to guide our collective economic recovery efforts.

Networking Tips: Building Quality Connections on Social Media – Make Your Content Stand Out

We all need to do more than click “Connect,” “Add Friend” or “Follow” and toss up a post every now and then to get real returns on our social media networking, especially now. And here’s the trick to building a quality social media network: the users who share highly valuable, interesting content with their networks will expand their reach and become the most appealing connections in the long run.

Boulder Chamber COVID-19 Small Business Relief Fund Grants Awarded

The Boulder Chamber and Community Foundation Boulder County partnered to provide 148 grants to Boulder businesses. The fund aimed to expedite financial support for small businesses facing unexpected one-time expenses due to COVID-19 that would not be eligible for funding under other existing grant and relief programs. The program was established in April and offered grants to eligible local businesses of up to $2,500.

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