Equity Amplification Program

The Equity Amplification Program is a special engagement opportunity for Black-owned businesses launched in March 2021 that the Boulder Chamber developed with support of Equity Solutions.

In addition to the complimentary memberships, subsidized by the Boulder Chamber, the Anchor Point Foundation and other partners, the Equity Amplification Program will support special marketing for Black-owned business members throughout their first year of membership, as well as specific programming developed with our partners to further understand how the Boulder Chamber can support their organizations.

This program is a step to support and amplify the voices of businesses
who have historically been marginalized and underrepresented.

Businesses listed on the Boulder County Black-owned Business List may receive their first year of Boulder Chamber membership free.

Boulder Chamber 2023 Equity Amplification Program Members

Black-Owned and Led Businesses in Boulder County

The Boulder County Black-Owned Business list was created as part of Equity Solutions’ Colorado BIPOC Diversity Project, which aims to create a supportive network for the state’s Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) community members, while amplifying underrepresented voices and empowering BIPOC leadership and entrepreneurship within and across our state. List members include local Black-owned businesses offering a range of services and products, including restaurants, home improvement, childcare, arts, wellness, and professional or business services. Click here to add your business to the list.

Program Partners

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