Esprit Venture Challenge: Kegstand

We are producing a 40% lighter keg for beer and other liquid distribution. By doing this, we can directly reduce both distribution costs and environmental impact for brewers. In addition to reducing distribution costs and impacts, having a lighter keg means there will be less injury claims for handling kegs, which handling kegs currently causes around 50% of injuries in breweries.

Through 112 customer development interviews, we've found that the near unanimous problem with kegs is their weight. Equally as important, we've found that a brewer's top priorites are safety and maintaining beer quality throughout its lifecycle. The traditional stainless steel keg is causing the weight problem, while the alternative, the plastic PET Keg, solves the weight problem but ignores the brewer's priorities.

Our keg, the Fiberlite, is made from a thin inner stainless steel shell and is wrapped in fiberglass. This technique (thin steel and fiberglass) is already used to make pressure vessels for aerospace and military applications (COPV). This material combo is what allows us to cut the weight from the keg, as traditional kegs just have a thick stainless steel shell. In addition to that, our keg meets the brewer's priorities of safety and maintaining beer quality.

About the Founders

Daniel Strangfeld: Daniel is the CEO of Kegstand and he is in charge of long term planning as well as establishing and maintaining relationships with advisors, investors, and customers. He has over 4 years of experience in product management and leadership within small businesses. In 2020, he graduated from CU Boulder with a BS in Engineering within the Creative Technologies and Design program.
Eli Dzurino: Eli is the CEnO of Kegstand and he lead's the business's engineering and product development. Eli is a mechanical engineer by trade and has extensive experience in logistics within the marines. He is currently working towards his BS in Engineering within E+ Mechanical Engineering.
Ashton Wager: Ashton is the CMO of Kegstand and he covers the team's marketing and sales initiatives. He has over 5 years of experience in B2B marketing and sales. He holds a Bachelors degree in marketing and is currently working towards his Masters in business analytics.
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