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About Kegstand


We are producing a 40% lighter keg for beer and other liquid distribution. By doing this, we can directly reduce both distribution costs and environmental impact for brewers. In addition to reducing distribution costs and impacts, having a lighter keg means there will be less injury claims for handling kegs, which handling kegs currently causes around 50% of injuries in breweries.

About Mini Money Management


Mini Money Management is an app that helps parents and teachers educate children on the importance of financial literacy using everyday experiences. MMM creates an economy where the child receives income such as a salary, bonuses and overtime and then pays for real-life expenses and activities such as rent, meals, and fines. Children learn to prioritize limited resources with their unlimited desires for activities and products. They very quickly learn that too many fines reduce their ability to pay for what they desire, instilling critical thinking and self motivation.

About Stride Tech Medical


StrideTech has developed an attachment to walkers (mobility devices), called StrideTech Go, that provides real-time haptic feedback when incorrect walker use is detected, empowering aging adults to learn and maintain correct mobility device use. StrideTech Go detects walker use and activity through a combination of electronic components to sense, filter, provide visual and haptic feedback, and store data. The device attaches to a walker at its handles and can be installed in minutes with simple instruction. Patient data from the device is sent to healthcare professionals to help track and optimize patient rehabilitation progress. StrideTech provides peace of mind to loved ones, independence to the user, and a tool for physical therapists to not only track their patient’s progress but also increase the quality of care.

2020 Esprit Venture Challenge Timeline

September 3

Esprit Venture Challenge Applications Open

8 a.m. October 5

Applications Close

October 6 - 13

Online Voting Period

October 14

Semi-Finalists Announced

October 21

Semi-Final Pitch Competition

November 12

Final Pitch Competition

About the Esprit Venture Challenge

The Boulder Chamber's Esprit Venture Challenge showcases the next generation of risk-taking entrepreneurs that the unique Boulder ecosystem fosters.

Boulder is a hotbed for entrepreneurs, winning top ratings for its inviting environment, top-tier research and education institutions, and diversity of businesses that attract highly educated, creative and collaborative individuals who are willing to take risks — people we call "Boulderpreneurs." The Esprit Venture Challenge provides an opportunity for these Boulderpreneurs to showcase their startups to the community and convene with other innovative leaders.

The Esprit Venture Challenge is a community-oriented startup competition with a twist.

Everyone gets a say in who wins through online and in-person voting. You help drive Boulder's innovation by participating in selecting the most promising startups for a top prize of $10,000. The selected finalists will compete in a final-round pitch competition at the Boulder Chamber's signature Esprit Entrepreneur event.

Previous Esprit Venture Challenge Competitions

2019 Esprit Entrepreneur

Read about the 2019 Esprit Venture Challenge here.

Past Esprit Venture Challenge Winners:

2019 - Boogaloo Beds

2018 - Eyeflite

2017 - Khala Cloths

2016 - Qualify

2015 - Surya Conversions

2014 - Lawbooth (previously Congo)

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