Esprit Venture Challenge: Boogaloo Beds


About Boogaloo Beds

Last year, I met a boy named Josh. He's fun, smart, and loved by his family. He also has autism and this makes life a bit harder. He has a lot of issues calming down and only gets a few hours of sleep a night.


83% of children with autism have daily sleep issues like Josh and over 50% have escaped from safe environments, have seizures, or self harm issues. And these issues don’t only affect Josh. They affect his entire family resulting in job loss, divorce, or having to move houses entirely. The root of these challenges is sensory sensitivity. Many people with autism are unable to process stimuli. Sleep is constantly disrupted by stimuli from siblings, neighbors, or household activity. As well, this sensitivity can lead to a fight or flight response. In other words, they run out of the house or have meltdowns where they may hurt themselves or attack others.


To help with these issues, we’ve created a smart bed that enables a person to completely control their sensory environment. Our canopy blocks outside stimuli creating a cozy safe space. We then use calming stimuli such as lights, sounds, vibrations, weighted blankets, and aromatherapy. To help with safety, we provide padding for protection during meltdowns and cameras linked to motion sensors that parents can remotely monitor. Our long term vision is to use predictive analytics to correlate changes in medication, environment, diet or therapy with a person's physiological data.


You may think this is a small niche market. In fact, Autism now affects 1 in 40 children showing a 1,000% increase over the last 4 decades and is expected to top $1 trillion in U.S. societal costs by 2025, more than diabetes. In North America, there are over 1 million kids with Autism. At our $10,000 price point, this is an addressable market of $10 Billion dollars.


There are two types of competitors. The first are drugs which are often prescribed as toddlers and can have terrible side effects. Parents try to solve this with their own crude versions of our product while the “professional products” are essentially cages with no technology. What is validating is that these products have tens of millions of dollars in revenue, and have already set up the insurance codes for our product to be fully reimbursed.


So far we’ve built 15 prototypes, have a waiting list of over 500 families, registered with FDA and built all procedures,and raised $100,000 from strategic investors. We’re excited to launch this fall.


We have the right team to pull this off. At 15, I scaled a six figure online marketing business and for the past 4 years, I was the top sales executive at SendGrid which went public. My COO, Kevin, is on the National Autism Society board and his last startup, Autism Pro, reached $10M in revenue in 3 years.


We believe that every person has a right to build a happy productive life. With your support, we’ll be one step closer to making that possible for Josh and millions of other people around the world.

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About the Founders

Our team is composed of two complementary but contrasting leaders, Caleb Polley (CEO) and Kevin Custer (COO). Together, they provide the unique background experience of direct to consumer online marketing & special needs specific distribution knowledge.

At the age of 15, Caleb scaled a six figure eCommerce & online marketing business. He deployed thousands on paid advertising campaigns, built 20+ websites, & maintained supply chains with international wholesalers. From 2015-2019, he was the top software sales executive at SendGrid which went public in 2018 & was acquired by Twilio for $3 billion+ in 2019. He’s also the hardware brains behind the product having built hovercrafts, rockets, & skateparks.

Kevin offers 25+ years of experience in the special needs market. His companies have generated over $300 million in revenue & his previous Autism education training company, Autism Pro, generated over $10 million in revenue just 3 years after launch. Kevin currently serves on the national board for the Autism Society of America & was the former President of the Autism Society of Colorado.

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