Esprit Venture Challenge: Huck Adventures


About Huck Adventures

For outdoor recreationists, Huck is an app-based community that uses AI to make it safer and easier for users to connect worldwide and enjoy the outdoor activities they love.

Different from Facebook, Meetup, Tinder, and Airbnb, Huck offers solutions specific to outdoor recreationists by matching users with similar interests, training, gear, location and availability. Huck also offers a back-end solution to outdoor recreation brands, including live analytics for R&D and targeted advertising.


Huck is an outdoor community app that allows users to create their own profile, post blogs, find events/meetups worldwide, and chat and connect with other outdoor recreationists.

Currently, outdoor recreationists have to use multiple platforms to connect with others, read gear reviews, and find outdoor opportunities, trainings and events. Huck provides all of that in one place for over 200 sports. Plus, we will be the first platform to match users based on skill, availability, gear, location and personality type.

On the back-end, we will be the first platform to cater to outdoor recreation brands with enterprising-facing software that provides live data and targeted advertising opportunities.

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About the Founders

Ben Nelson: Ben hatched the idea for an app that would help connect outdoor enthusiasts like himself. He began the real work of research and design and development in January 2018, and Huck Adventures was born. Ben’s background includes: UX Design, Print Design, product development, marketing, advertising, video and photography.

Sara Braunger: Sara began her career training in the lab, initially as a research assistant in protein synthesis, then went on to obtain her degree in Biochemistry. After working in surgical pathology and pharmaceuticals, she switched gears to focus on operations. Sara started with small online businesses and service providers while optimizing and selling websites as a side-hustle. Sara is known as a clever strategist who uses a scientific approach to remove ambiguity in business processes to make them more reproducible, scalable, and profitable.

Anton Karpenko: Anton is a passionate programmer who started his career in Android development and now is transferring to cross-platform. He enjoys creating things and solving technical problems. Learning and trying out new stuff is as essential for him as breathing.

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