Esprit Venture Challenge: JUGG

About JUGG

JUGG smart water bottles are IoT water bottles, that feature technology for filtering water, hydration tracking, hydration notifications, and lifestyle adaptation. JUGG offers two models called smart and base and each model comes in either 32oz or 1-gallon sizes. In addition to the JUGG bottles, the JUGG mobile application connects to the smart models for hydration tracking and other essential health and wellness features. Each JUGG bottle is customizable with add-ons and swappable accessories for user personalization. Through marketing and branding, JUGG strives to raise awareness about areas suffering from contaminated water and that are impacted by climate change. JUGG created a program called hydro share where users can see their friends' hydration statuses and in addition, as people drink water, water will be donated to areas in need. With hydro share, we hope to improve access to clean water, clean water solutions, and renewable energy practices.

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About the Founders

William Cooper is a graduate of Wesley College, where he obtained a Bachelors degree in Media Arts and Communications. He has also taken various courses in marketing, law and political framing. He is President of the Boulder County Young Democrats. He is also the Co-Founder and CEO of JUGG, LLC. He is employed full time in the legal compliance department, at LFP Broadcasting, where he works as the lead compliance coordinator. Since starting his entrepreneurial journey William has become acute in marketing, messaging and strategizing. William has also worked on other startup projects in the travel industry and clothing as well.

Byshi Watson is the CFO of JUGG. With over five years of health and fitness experience, Byshi is a certified personal trainer with NASM ( National Academy of Sports Medicine), Expert Rating Certified Personal Training, ISSA (International Sports Science Association) Personal Training, and Sports Nutrition Certification. Byshi began his fitness career as an in-house trainer, traveling to businesses and homes and providing personal training services in one on one sessions, partner training, and group classes. Byshi graduated from Wesley College with a bachelors in international business.

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