Esprit Venture Challenge: ShineOn


About ShineOn

We directly address the number one concern of cyclists: safety. Our bike light is the world’s most visible bike light and we are dedicated to making the world more bike friendly. As cyclists ourselves we know that feeling when drivers can be careless or distracted, we know what it’s like to have someone stop at the last second from an accident. We know what it’s like to be just not seen.

That’s why we invented the ShineOn Dual Beam. The first light that illuminates your body as well as the road ahead. By lighting up the rider’s torso, a cyclist can be seen seconds sooner than with a traditional bike light due to the 250 times greater surface area. Our light works not only through just more visible area, but also through biomotion. Biomotion is the human brain’s receptivity to organic movement. It’s the mechanism where we instinctively notice a cat in the bushes, or a bird in the sky, or most importantly a human cyclist out of a sea of distracting points of light.

After 18 months of dedicated effort our light is ready for the market! We have made a hundred different prototypes and run hundreds of hours of on the road tests and are confident in our light to make people everywhere safer while biking! We launched our Kickstarter a month ago and it has been funded (check it out at, this will allow us to purchase both the tooling and begin manufacturing our light in the hundreds.

We previously have begun talks with large companies to sell lights B2B. We have a soft agreement to place our lights on the Bcycle bikes here in Boulder, and are in talks with Lime Bikes for their scooters and Google for their google bikes. Our plan over the next 6 months is to transition to 3 main items: 1) Fulfillment of the Kickstarter orders 2) sales in local shops to generate MRR and 3) pursuing large contacts B2B.

We are humbled by the overwhelming support we’ve received from the community and media! We were on the nightly news for all 3 major Denver stations, and have almost a dozen articles written about our light on different websites, blogs, and news pages.

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About the Founders

Alex Mulvaney is a recent CU Aerospace Engineering Grad and daily bike commuter. He first thought up the idea for ShineOn and is CEO. Alex is a nontraditional student, who took 10 years off between his business and engineering degrees to travel the world snowboarding and working as a professional fine-dining Chef. Alex is dedicated to making the world better and more human focused, beginning with active and micro transportation.

Kathy Vega has a degree in Political science from Berkeley, and is pursuing her second bachelors in Engineering Physics here at CU Boulder. As a first generations college student, Kathy was motivated to engage in socially conscious work and promote diversity in underrepresented decision-making environments. Her personal interests in STEM, entrepreneurship, and the outdoors motivate her to create a platform that will unite and empower other women around the world.

Taylor Brooks-Murphy is studying Business Marketing/Strategy at CU Boulder. Taylor is a budding entrepreneur who has founded two companies previously and also has previously worked on sales and marketing for a number of startups. Taylor is originally from North Carolina where he began his work with startups. His personal interests include digital marketing, entrepreneurship, hiking, camping, snowboarding, and climbing.

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