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Leadership Fellows Boulder County provides approximately 35 emerging and transformational leaders from across sectors with a broad understanding of Boulder County’s economic, civic and cultural drivers.

The program offers participants a deep appreciation for the social, environmental and economic interests leaders must balance in their decisions and is heavily focused on transformational, inclusive leadership practices.

Become a Leadership Fellow

The 2024/25 Cohort Interest form is now open!

About the Program

Fellows Cohort 23-24

The program’s curriculum emphasizes building networks and tangible tools for local leadership roles. Curriculum topics may include, among others, Boulder County economics, Local Government 101, inclusive leadership, planning and development, critical human needs, health, education, arts and culture, and selling your vision – as well as roundtable discussions on a range of timely issues, from affordable housing to immigration and criminal justice.

Leadership Fellows Boulder County will begin in September 2023. Monthly half-day sessions will take place throughout Boulder County and will feature facilitated conversations with current leaders from the business, civic, nonprofit and cultural sectors. Tuition is $1,500 for the 11-month program. Scholarships are available based upon need.

Some topics to be presented include (but not limited to):

  • Local Government
  • Inclusive Leadership
  • Boulder County Economics
  • Arts & Culture
  • Community Health
  • Critical Human Needs
  • Education & Changing Workforce
  • Housing & Transportation
  • Environment

Program Impact

Leadership Fellows make a tangible impact across Boulder County.

  • 81% of Leadership Fellows have joined a nonprofit board
  • 26% have joined a government board or commission
  • 13% have worked on a local campaign for a candidate or issue
  • 32% have earned career promotions within a year of graduation

Leadership Fellows promotes inclusive leadership practices that:

  • Develop people
  • Treat people as individuals with dignity and respect
  • Show respect for the ideas and views of others
  • Recognize the value of different working styles and skills
  • Value multiple views
  • Respect diversity

What the Fellows program is

  • An opportunity to build a robust personal and professional network across sectors of the community.
  • An environment that emphasizes inclusive and transformational leadership.
  • An opportunity to dialogue with existing leaders and other emerging leaders on challenges and potential solutions for our community.
  • The chance to learn from current community leaders about their roles in setting Boulder County policy direction.
  • A warm introduction to community leaders.

What the Fellows program is not

  • A program that teaches leadership skill building.
  • A match-making program between emerging leaders and mentors.

"I was able to engage with guest speakers and former fellows who are important to the work I do. LF has helped me establish myself in my new community. I am so grateful for my involvement in the program!"

Michal Duffy

Out Boulder; LF Class of 2018

Leadership Fellows


Transformational and inclusive leaders motivate and inspire others by providing meaning and challenge. They stimulate others to be creative and innovative by questioning assumptions, reframing problems, and defining new solutions.

  • Alaina Beaulaurier, Mental Health Partners
  • Nikole Black, Emergency Family Assistance Participant Advisory Council
  • Samantha Black, TRU Community Care
  • Amy Bowinski, Out Boulder County and Grubhub
  • Sarah Braverman, Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art (BMoCA)
  • Alma Chavez, Intercambio Uniting Communities
  • Maye Cordero, Boulder Chamber
  • Mickey Davis, Boulder County Farmers Markets
  • Jenny Desmond, Intercambio Uniting Communities
  • Gregory Glass, Gibbons White, Inc.
  • Ryan Hanschen, City of Boulder
  • Hope Jordan, Nederland Downtown Development Authority
  • Victor King, Mental Health Partners
  • Adilene Marquez, Boulder County Public Health
  • Andrea McDermott, Premier Members Credit Union
  • Sarah Mikkelsen, Community Foundation Boulder County
  • Gabriela Monge Escalante, Garden To Table
  • Lyndsy Morse, Via Mobility Services
  • Max Nathanson
  • Brenda Olguin, Elevations Credit Union
  • Jeny Padilla, Student/Advisory Council Northern Colorado Immigrants United
  • Adriana Paola Palacios Luna, Luna Cultura
  • Juan Pelaez, 3Metas Corp
  • Summer Puente, Boulder County Government, Community Services Department, Head Start Division
  • Katharine Reece, "I Have A Dream" Foundation of Boulder County
  • Sandra Reisman, Emergency Family Assistance
  • Karen Rice, Mental Health Partners
  • Roberto Rivero, Boulder County Area Agency on Aging
  • Neesha Schnepf, University of Colorado Boulder
  • Joshua Stallings, Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition
  • Zac Swank, Boulder County, Partners for a Clean Environment
  • Sandra Tellez, Clinica Family Health Services
  • Emily Walsh, Imagine!
  • Michael Weslosky, Industrious
  • Savannah Whitfield, Black Bear Energy
  • Jason Acuna, Boulder Housing Partners
  • Ana Silvia Avendano-Curiel, City of Boulder
  • Erin Bagnall, ARCHITECTS
  • Christopher Baham, Sopher Sparn Architects
  • Emily Barnak, (People's Clinic)
  • Hannah Blum, Boulder County
  • Katy Brown, The Studio (Boulder)
  • Arlene Brugal, Boulder Voices for Children
  • Liz Deets, Get Back Here Dog
  • Elliot Dill, KeyBank
  • Alicia Echagarruga,  Boulder Medical Center
  • Frank Ana Fernandez, EFAA
  • Sally Forester
  • Michelle Fox, The Bridge Studio
  • Elizabeth Griswold
  • Madeline Gross, City of Boulder
  • Caroline Hafele, EforAll
  • Tessa Hale, Compassion in World Farming
  • Miles Hoffman
  • Bradley Hugunin, First Western Trust Bank
  • Jennifer Huynh, Assistance Association
  • Jeanette Madrid, El Comite De Longmont
  • Charlotte Louisa Martinez Huskey, City of Boulder
  • Mar Matlak, El Centro AMISTAD
  • Jill Mendoza, Town of Superior
  • Margaret (Peggy) Merrill
  • Vallynne Moring, Elevations Credit Union
  • Jasmine Padilla, City of Longmont
  • Iris Prieto, Our Center
  • Crystal Prieto, EFAA
  • Indra Raj, KGNU Community Radio
  • Alejandro Rodriguez, OutBoulder County
  • Krystal Ruvalcaba 
  • Anita Spears
  • Amanda Duffy, Boulder Chamber 
  • Karen Bigelow, Premier Members Credit Union
  • Susan Boyle, Boulder Country Day School
  • Sarah Reynolds, Boulder County Housing and Human Services
  • Charlie Prohaska, Out Boulder County
  • Jarrod Ferstl, Lifetime Income Solutions
  • Kathryn Wiser, Longmont Meals on Wheels
  • (In Memory Of) Julia Woods, Emergency Family Assistance Association
  • Sharon Armijos, Intercambio
  • Alex Rugoff, Element Properties
  • Marissa Seuc-Hester, Christ the Servant Lutheran Church
  • Jennifer Hinderliter, Elevations Foundation
  • Alison Brisnehan, Boulder County
  • Bob Der, Foothills Equity LLC
  • Lenora Cooper, Food Security Network of Boulder and Broomfield Counties
  • Carla Colin, The Latino Chamber of Commerce
  • Harriet Ingham, Holmes Solutions
  • Sara Morris-Marano, TEENS, Inc.
  • Alejandro Murillo, Boulder County
  • Sorin Thomas, Queer Asterisk
  • Devin Edgley, Boulder Chamber 
  • Gabriela Galindo, FLOWS 
  • Mary Gaylord, HomeAhead Furniture Bank 
  • Ruth Gelfarb, Congregation Har HaShem 
  • Rachel Klein, Kaiser Permanente 
  • Susan Krejci, BizLove 
  • Lauren Maggio, J.P. Morgan Private Bank 
  • Mario Martinez Varelas, City of Boulder – Housing and Human Services 
  • Lizbeth Mendoza, Boulder County Public Health 
  • Olivia Merithew, Embassy Suites Boulder and Hilton Garden Inn Boulder 
  • Nathan Merrill, ConnectAndSell 
  • Angela Maria Ortiz Roa, City of Boulder 
  • Serena Oveeeon, Accelerated Hair 
  • Laura Panizza, EFAA 
  • Amy Robinson, FNBO 
  • Nubia Saenz, Community Food Share 
  • Sarah Schey, Independent Financial 
  • Jon Svoboda, Bank of Colorado 
  • Citlalli Vazquez Gomez, City of Longmont 
  • Amy Weinstein, Self Employed, Boulder County Democratic Party Chair 
  • Assata Welles, Community Foundation Boulder County 
  • Lisa Wilder, There With Care 

Participation Requirements

As a Leadership Fellow, you must:

  •  Work and/or live in Boulder County
  • Have a desire to make a positive impact
  • Be willing to challenge yourself and others
  • Be open to new thinking about your role as a leader
  • Commit to attend monthly half-day sessions for 11 months
  • Have a willingness to work collectively and be open to learning

Leadership Fellows Boulder County graduates are expected to take on a local leadership role (i.e., join a nonprofit or government board/commission, work on a candidate or initiative campaign, join a neighborhood or school association, or run for office) within six months of completing the program.

The Leadership Fellows Boulder County program has a high commitment to inclusivity. We are happy to provide accommodations to allow a diverse array of participants. However, please note, sessions will be conducted in English.


"I was able to engage with guest speakers and former Fellows who are important to the work I am doing. LF has helped me establish myself in my new community. I am so grateful for my involvement in the program!"

Michal Duffy, Out Boulder County, LF '18

“It wasn’t until the Leadership Fellows program that my eyes were opened to the challenges of my community and I was able to become part of the solution. LF is enlightening, challenging, and restores your faith in humanity.”

Matthew Jensen, WK Real Estate, LF ‘16

"Leadership Fellows helped me to find what I was passionate about. I have since co-founded a group for Families of Color in Boulder County. I am truly grateful and appreciative of the program!”

Shiquita Yarbrough, YWCA, LF ‘16

“If you’re interested in becoming a leader in Boulder County, if you’re interested in having a significant role in the crucial conversations that are happening, if you want to really understand what’s happening outside your own office and your own passions, and if you want to learn what it means to achieve true inclusivity...this program is the key."

Eliberto Mendoza, Boulder County LF ‘14

“Boulder Leadership Fellows is an incredible opportunity to learn about the issues that are important to Boulder from community leaders that are on the front lines of community change everyday.”

Alina Nisenzon, Zayo Group, LF ‘18


For more information, please contact

Leadership Fellows Boulder County is sponsored by:

Wana Brands
Boulder County
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