Community Partnership Council

Mission Statement: Building better businesses one partnership at a time.

The Boulder Chamber Community Partnership Council strengthens relationships and creates mutually beneficial partnerships between nonprofit and for-profit members.  Non-profit organizations represent a key sector in the local economy. That’s why the Boulder Chamber formed a special council of member organizations to better support and strengthen this important sector.

For information on how the Chamber engages with Non-Profits and to get involved with the Community Partnership Council, contact Leslie Durgin, Boulder Chamber Non-Profit Liaison and Advisor

Community Partnership Council Board Members:
• Rob Judd – Google (Chair)
• Sarah Egolf – Wildlands Restoration (Vice Chair)
• Lee Shainis – Intercambio
• Maegan Ball – Community Foundation
• Fran Ryan – Impact on Education
• Doug Yeiser – United Way
• Suzzanne Painter – Attention Homes
• Dennis Paul – Elevations Credit Union
• Diana Underhill – Big Red F
• Amy Rosenblum – Cultivation-Center
• Dan Hayward – Owner, Savory Spice Shop
• Lenna Kottke – Executive Director, Via Mobility Services
• Katie Millard – Outreach Manager, The Nature Conservancy in Colorado
• Brian Coppom – Executive Director, Boulder County Farmers’ Markets

Boulder Chamber Staff Representatives:
• Leslie Durgin – Non-Profit Liaison and Advisor
• Deborah Malden – Arts Liaison and Advisor
• John Tayer – President & CEO
• Board Representative: Lori Call – Kaiser Permanente

Learn how the Council connects the for-profit and nonprofit communities in our Innovation Blog