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If you’re reading this, you share the great pleasure of calling the City of Boulder your place of business and perhaps your home. Through the work of leaders like you, we’ve achieved sustained economic success across multiple, diverse industries and sectors. This same success creates a thriving community that enjoys unparalleled education, recreational opportunities and cultural assets.

Even so, we are not without our challenges. The City of Boulder and the Northwest region face significant obstacles that, left unheeded, will undoubtedly result in adverse effects to both our economic vitality and quality of life.

Over the last several years, in outreach meetings with many of you and through extensive dialogue and forums with groups throughout our business community, it has become clear that you face common struggles. Most critically, you’ve told us of the challenges securing workforce talent, identifying Boulder’s increasing traffic congestion and high housing costs as key contributing factors.

Within those same conversations, you’ve also asked for productive responses to these challenges, providing both immediate relief and sustainable solutions. The Boulder Chamber has been listening, learning and developing effective strategies – now is the time to press forward.

Boulder Together is our generation’s call to action. It’s the culmination of your input and ideas, resulting in specific initiatives designed to help meet your talent access needs, both in the short and long term.

Together, we will:

-Implement workforce development programs targeted to the needs of our local businesses;

-Expand housing options for the full diversity of Boulder’s workforce; and

-Improve our transportation system and workforce mobility.

Our success depends on local business leaders like you taking these critical steps forward with us. We call on you today for your experience, your engagement and your investment to address the greatest threats to the long-term vitality of our economy and community. Please join us in setting the course for Boulder’s future prosperity.

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