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We have launched our recalibration for the Boulder Together program with a singular focus: we must begin to tackle our economic recovery, starting now!

Our data analysis and extensive industry outreach tells us that the economic impacts of COVID-19 have been significant, yet uneven. Certain Boulder industry clusters, think aerospace and biotechnology, continue to thrive. Their needs fall in line with elements of the workforce challenges our businesses faced prior to the pandemic. Other industries, though, are struggling with dramatic changes in their operating environment and customer base.

The recalibration for Boulder Together is designed to support both ends of this spectrum. We need to maintain the health of our strong industry clusters. At the same time, Boulder Together will take aggressive measures to support those elements of the Boulder economy that need a lift to build back their vitality. Our economy will never fully recover without this holistic approach and a commitment to address issues, some that have long plagued our community, that are barriers to everyone’s success.

In sum, Boulder Together is poised to lead a strong and inclusive economic recovery for our community, starting now. That is how we pick ourselves up in the wake of COVID-19’s ravaging force. That is how we build back our economic vitality. That is what we are prepared to accomplish together... through Boulder Together.

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