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    • MidiCi_Owners2

      Frank and Kim Brewster are opening a MidiCi pizza parlor in Fort Collins this summer.

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    • Cress Capital pays $50.1M for commercial buildings in Fort Collins

      FORT COLLINS — Real estate investment firm Cress Capital LLC has acquired several commercial properties in Fort Collins that were part of a blockbuster deal in 2015 between Boulder-based W.W. Reynolds Cos. and Seattle-based Unico Properties Inc. Newport Beach, Calif.-based Cress Capital, with an office in Denver, earlier this month paid $50.1 million to Denver-based Pauls Corp., for the office, flex and industrial buildings totaling approximately 500,000 square feet located between East Prospect Road, Midpoint Drive and Sharp Point Drive. Six days after Unico Properties made the purchase in 2015, Unico sold the properties in Fort Collins to Pauls Corp., which used the entity Prospect Development Partners II LLC in the transaction. The portfolio includes buildings at Midpoint Park, $25.8 million; Plum Tree Plaza, $7.7 million; One Prospect, $7.6 million; River Center, $5.5 million; Lake Center One, $4.5 million; Spring Creek, $2.6 million and Sharp Point, $1.8 million. The properties were part of the deal in 2015 when Unico Properties paid approximately $209 million for 1.5 million square feet of commercial property in Boulder and Fort Collins. Neither Unico Properties nor W.W. Reynolds disclosed the sale price, but public records showed that Unico paid W.W. Reynolds approximately $41 million for the portfolio of commercial property in Fort Collins and $168 million for the commercial properties in Boulder. After W.W. Reynolds sold the properties to Unico, it continued to manage and lease the properties. W.W. Reynolds will continue to manage and lease the space on behalf of Cress Capital. In November 2014, Cress Capital purchased the 27-acre Ironwood Business Park in Greeley for nearly $5 million.    

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    • Kombucha company doubles its size, launches Series A round

      BOULDER — Locally made kombucha startup Rowdy Mermaid is undergoing a growth spurt, doubling in size after just a few months, raising six-figures in venture capital and now seeking a Series A of $2 million. But ask CEO and founder Jamba Dunn just why his company is taking off, and he’ll tell you he’s not quite sure. “That’s the question we’ve all been asking lately,” Dunn said in a phone interview with BizWest. “But I’ll tell you what others have told us. We came into the industry knowing that there were a lot of kombuchas sold for health benefits solely, but they actually were high in sugar and high in acids. There was all this hidden information and companies didn’t put their ingredients on the labels.” But Rowdy Mermaid, a name which Dunn said came from his daughter, looked to change that. “We were the first to list all the ingredients on the labels, and one of a couple of companies that used fresh adaptogenic herbis in our kombucha. We don’t make claims about health benefits. We just allow our consumers to make their own decisions. …. A lot of kombucha companies are funded now, and there’s a feeling of inauthenticity and that it’s all about making money. But stores and the public want authenticity in food, and that’s what we offer as well.” That mentality is paying off for the company. It recently added another 6,000 square feet to its production facility, after moving from 900 square feet to 6,000 square feet just a few months ago. On May 18, the company filed a Form D with the SEC saying it had raised $350,000 in capital, which went to helping the company expand. But Rowdy isn’t done growing. Dunn said he expects the company to skyrocket in the next three to five years — and is preparing for his business to be a $40 million company. To jump start that, he’s seeking a Series A round of $2 million, which will go to hiring a chief operations officer so Rowdy Mermaid kombucha can be distributed at more stores. In addition to hiring a new C-suite executive, Dunn said he wants to use the capital to help the brand “grow up,” redesigning the flavors and dialing in the packaging design.” “It’s surreal even saying these numbers out loud,” Dunn said. “It felt like just a little while ago I was in my garage. And just a couple months ago it was only a few of us working for the company, where three of us shared one plastic desk with two computers…. But I’m so excited about it. It’s not about the money, it’s about the product. It’s just awesome.”  

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    • Co-working spaces in NoCo offer free memberships to nonprofits

      FORT COLLINS — An alliance of co-working spaces in Northern Colorado is teaming up with the All Good Work foundation to provide memberships to area nonprofits. Fo(co)works, an alliance of eight Fort Collins co-working spaces, is partnering with New York-based All Good Work, which matches nonprofits with co-working spaces. The goal is to provide space and networking for social-impact groups, said Angel Kwiatkowski, founder of fo(co)works and owner of two co-working spaces, Cohere and Cohere Bandwidth. “I would like to see more nonprofits able to access co-working spaces and now have the price of membership deter them from joining,” Kwiatkowski told BizWest. “My ultimate goal is to help them get the support they need and have a professional, nice office to come to instead of having to work at the kitchen table. That helps them find success, get more funding and work on their strategic plan so they can eventually launch out of a co-working space.” All eight of the members of the alliance are offering up at least one membership. Interested nonprofits can apply through All Good Work to be matched. To Kwiatkowski and members of the alliance, she said it was worth it to give up a membership at her co-working spaces in order to give back to the community. “I’m coming from a place of abundance,” she said. “I don’t feel that doing one thing that’s nice for one person will be detrimental to my business. I might not be able to give away 99, but I can certainly give away one membership. It’s nice to be able to tell the story of the nonprofit that matched with us, support them and help them.”  

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