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    • Richmark making second-run at apartment project in Greeley

      GREELEY — Richmark Real Estate Partners LLC, a family-owned business in Greeley, on Friday said it will resubmit a request to rezone the southwest corner of 50th Avenue and 20th Street, where it wants to build Alpine Flats, a luxury apartment complex that has been in the planning stages since 2015. A meeting with the Greeley Planning Commission, which denied Richmark’s request to rezone the property from commercial to residential use in 2015, is set for 1:15 p.m., Tuesday, July 25. Richmark said it has made changes to plans for the apartments that it pulled in 2015 in response to concerns raised by the commission and nearby neighbors in the Highlands Hills subdivision. Currently, the 10 acres of land is zoned for commercial high intensity and residential low density. The request, if approved, would allow for residential high density, including apartments, townhomes, condos or retirement living. According to a statement released Friday by Richmark, the current zoning “means a portion of the property could be used for a high-traffic commercial business creating greater traffic, waste, parking, longer hours of operation and higher noise levels.” Richmark said rezoning the land to residential high density would bring “a 70 percent reduction in traffic volumes” compared with the property being developed for commercial uses. Changes to the plans include decreasing the number of units by 17 percent and increasing landscape buffers and no-build zones on portions of the southern boundary line, according to the statement. On Friday, Tyler Richardson, a principal of Richmark, declined to answer a request from BizWest to expand on details of the changes to the project. The Greeley Tribune reported in 2015 that initial plans for the $20 million project were for more than 200 units in several three-story buildings. A 17 percent reduction would reduce the number of units to approximately 165. “After years of consideration, it is obvious R-H zoning is the best option for this property,” Richardson said in the prepared statement. “A residential unit will have the least impact on the environment and to surrounding neighborhoods relative to its current commercial high intensity zoning. This is an option that offers lower traffic volume and is a much-needed housing alternative for our city’s rapidly growing area that currently has less than a 2 percent multifamily vacancy rate.” Richardson said in the statement that people underestimate the positive economic impact from new multifamily development. “This development will offer many benefits to the Greeley community such as much-needed housing, an attraction for employee relocation to Greeley, as well as supporting the value of surrounding neighborhoods.”

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    • June jobless rates up slightly in Northern Colorado, Boulder Valley

      DENVER — The unemployment rates in Boulder, Broomfield, Larimer and Weld counties increased slightly in June compared with the previous month, while the rate in the state held steady at 2.3 percent, according to a report released Friday by the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment. The report is based on a monthly survey of households and is not adjusted for seasonal workers. While the unemployment rate in the four counties increased from month to month, it was still lower than the same month a year ago. The jobless rate in Boulder County for June matched the state at 2.3 percent, up from 2.1 percent in May, but still lower that the 3.1 percent recorded in June of last year. The report said 182,481 people had jobs in Boulder County, while 4,321 were looking for work. In Larimer County, the unemployment rate was 2.1 percent, up from 2 percent in May, but still lower than 3.3 percent recorded in June of last year. The county had 196,906 people working, with 4,316 were looking for a job. Weld County’s unemployment rate increased to 2.5 percent in June, up from 2.3 percent in May. The unemployment rate was 3.2 percent in June of last year. The county had 150,771 people working, with 3,865 seeking work. The unemployment rate in Broomfield County for June was 2.4 percent, up from 2.2 percent in May, but lower than 2.6 percent record in June of last year. Statewide, employers added 6,500 nonfarm payroll jobs during June for a total of 2,647,000 jobs, according to the survey of business establishments. Private-sector payroll jobs increased 6,100 and government increased 400. The number of people participating in the labor force increased 10,300 in June to 2,969,100, and the number of people reporting themselves as employed increased 10,500 to 2,901,900, causing the number of unemployed to decrease 200. The national unemployment rate increased one-tenth of a percentage point in June to 4.4 percent.  

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    • Broomfield-based cybersecurity company raises $260,000

      BROOMFIELD — Introspective Power Inc., DBA Introspective Networks, has raised $260,000 in capital. The Broomfield-based cybersecurity company is offering equity, debt and convertible stock, according to a Form D filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. The capital the company has raised so far will go to new hires and bringing patented products to market, said Anthony Thompson, president of the company. Introspective Networks’ patents focus on what they call STOP technology, or stream transmissions one-time pad protocol. STOP uses a moving target defense with data: it moves data around in a way that is unpredictable, Thompson said. Introspective Networks is now releasing several products that use STOP technology. Its app, Smoke Confidential, allows for secure messaging, confidentiality and data protection. There are other products in the smoke line the company is also promoting, like its Smok VPN service and Smoke firewall. Thompson added that the company has five full-time employees and about 23 all together, including commission-based salespeople. The company is planning on using the capital it raised and new contracts it plans to close this year to hire more. There are also plans for another round of fundraising.  

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    • Comcast opens new customer-service center in Fort Collins

      FORT COLLINS — Comcast has opened a new customer-service center in Fort Collins that will seat 600 customer-service agents. The 80,000-square-foot center at 3420 E. Harmony Road will support residential customers across the country, including those in Northern Colorado, according to a statement about the opening. The addition of the call center means 9,000 Comcast employees in Colorado. The new center has 200 employees today and 300 more are expected to be hired by the end of the year. When it’s fully operational, the building will have 600 employees. “Comcast’s decision to locate this facility in Fort Collins showcases Northern Colorado for our talented workforce and resources,” ‘Fort Collins’ mayor, Wade Troxell, said in a prepared statement.

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